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Author of A Time To Kill

Our Statement of Purpose (CACN Mar 1991) – Issue no. 1

This premier issue of Capitol Area Christian News was published two years after my release from prison (spring of 1989).  The stated goal was “to encourage local churches in local ministry.  We will report on the action of local churches and their impact upon neighborhoods.”  The local church “is that fundamental social order by which the triune God advances His kingdom on earth.”  Priority is given “to reporting upon those who suffer for attempting to rescue children from death by abortion.” (p. 1)

Priority is also given to reporting upon the work of our local church in this regard, particularly the work of Kip Gannett, Project Rescue, and his associates. (See interview of Gannett on page 3.)

In the “Report on D.C. Project II,” the fear of God that Church institutions are supposed to have above Caesar is on display.  Delray Baptist Church in Virginia and St. Bernard’s parish in Riverdale, Maryland host assemblies for rescuers of the innocents (clinic blockaders, etc.).  But Washington Bible College (Lanham, Maryland) President Harry Fletcher withdrew provision of a meeting room.  He cancelled after being called by NOW representative and warned that the school might be in violation of a “federal injunction” if they allowed “Operation Rescue” to used its facilities (p. 2).

Dr. Michael Colvin, co-pastor of Reformation Lutheran Church, writes a two-page essay on the question: “Is God Displeased with Rescuers?” (pp. 4-6).  As to the laws of men, he says, “The common law has always recognized a citizen’s right to commit a technical violation of a lesser statute in order to achieve a higher purpose.  This is known as the defense of legal necessity, or the necessity defense” (p. 4).

Diane Grenchick writes about her sidewalk counseling at two D.C. abortuaries (Hillcrest NW and SE) and some glorious examples of women turning from their intentions to commit abortion (“Of the Spiritual War,” p. 6).


1. Abortuary protectors oppose Project Rescue

2. Two pictures of abortuary police lines and arrest

3. Two pics: Kip Gannett presentation to audience and interview outside abortuary


CACN Mar 1991

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