Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

June, 2022

Thank the One Who Rules Over All

Now that abortion is dumped, What is the next evil to be thumped? Always plenty of evil to contest; This world is still in a mess, Long as sin abides in the hearts of men. No solution but to shed the pollution By obeying  the Savior’s commands To do the Right and shun the Wrong; […]

Good Riddance, Roe!

Just like slavery went away So will abortion, by God, When they see the light of day! Fools will awake from their drools Zealous for Law grab their tools Justice takes up the hammer Puts butcherers in the slammer. No more blood at the “clinics” (Sorry you pro-abort cynics!) Life created in the image of […]

Could Never Go the Roman Road

It is not simply doctrinal matters regarding soteriology and ecclesiology that would  prevent any inclination on my part to visit Romanism as a viable membership option.  It is the flagrant failure of the church to discipline even its high provide offenders and heretics.   I have in view, of course, Nancy Pelosi and POTUS, Joe Biden. […]

Abortion Is a Chore

As stated oft before, Abortion is a chore Dragging a woman low Where she ought not go, Darkening her soul Down into a hole Where darkness prevails As she thinks of the wails Of a child crying for life Snuffed out by a would-be wife Of a husband and father Who failed in their duties […]

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