Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Could Never Go the Roman Road

It is not simply doctrinal matters regarding soteriology and ecclesiology that would  prevent any inclination on my part to visit Romanism as a viable membership option.  It is the flagrant failure of the church to discipline even its high provide offenders and heretics.   I have in view, of course, Nancy Pelosi and POTUS, Joe Biden.  Both Roman Catholics in good standing with “the Church”!

These two Roman Catholics are the highest profile Holocaustians in the land.  They are the most notorious American pro-abortion citizens in the nation!

What kind of a “church” tolerates them as members?  By no means a holy one!  And certainly not one which reveres the truth

So if you ever find yourself wander-some, in search of “another church fellowship” of some sort, skip past Romanism!  Don’t waste your time.  They are quite unholy.   Those folks are clearly disqualified by their high profile and readily visible tolerance of flagrant, disgusting, heretical unrepentant sinners.  Nothing holy about that “church”!

27 June, 2022

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