Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Planned Parenthood be Damned!

Planned Parenthood be damned!
No parenthood for those babies;
No childhood either for them;
Just blood spilled and washed away
So a girl can get on with her day.
Just another way to have her play
And go about life on her own;
No care about a child being grown
Inside her very own womb
Turned in moment into a tomb.
And yes, what about the fool “father”
Who went on!  No time for the bother
Of a child coming in his life
Don’t want any of that kind of strife.
Got to take that easy road with least trouble!
Find the way of comfort on the double!
All about ease and avoiding any pain
Except for hell you pay; you go insane.

1350 on 27 June, 2022

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