Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abortion Is a Chore

As stated oft before,
Abortion is a chore
Dragging a woman low
Where she ought not go,
Darkening her soul
Down into a hole
Where darkness prevails
As she thinks of the wails
Of a child crying for life
Snuffed out by a would-be wife
Of a husband and father
Who failed in their duties
Caught up with vain cuties
And other foolish pleasures:
Money, travel and fake treasures.
But exaltation is there for one who cares
To repent and embrace the salvation
Available to anyone’s station
As a lowlife sinner or a rich fool
With his house and swimming pool.
His grace and salvation are there
For anyone who repents with a prayer
And denounces his former foul deeds
So from damnation to be freed.

27 June, 2022 early p.m.

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