Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

January, 2024

Non-violence!  It Is Our Tradition!

Well, that is fine when your are talking about achieving racial equality or the right of a woman to vote or hold office.  But when you are talking about freeing those who have been enslaved by racial manstealing and trading of black people or when you are talking about the murder of womb-children, tradition may, […]

Christo-centric Posse Comitatus

When Lawlessness persists in a Godless society, the people of God must gird up their loins and re-establish justice.  Such is the nature of true social reform – the Christendom-foundation, rising from the decadent Roman empire.  Long live the advancement Western Civilization and the Reformation. The influence of the churches of God is socio-political, not […]

“Can’t Forgive Myself”

Ever heard that blasphemous bullshit? Yeah.  It says “God might forgive me, but I – being above God – can’t forgive myself.”  It is the testimony of a blasphemous ass. Who do you think God is? Someone whose forgiveness you can cancel? Over-ride? You arrogant, self-centered, autonomous sinner! Repent and receive His grace!


Yes, a nation, like a family, has borders.  It associates with other families, loves other families, avoids some families, but remains a family.  There are certain internal standards which it holds dear and by which it governs its associations with others. 27 Jan., 2024

Ego Problem?

Whose definition of you is most important to you? That of your friends?  Coaches?  Teachers?  Co-workers?  Boss? If you are defined by Jesus as one whom He loves, what else matters? There is the basis for psychological stability. He has defined you, a believer, as His own, whom He loves. What else matters? 27 Jan […]

Christian Cop Arrests an Anti-abort Rescuer

            “Sorry to have to arrest you, friend.”             “No problem!  I know you got to do your job.  If not you, someone else would do it.  What is coming down is coming down.”             “Well, nevertheless, I am sorry that I have to be the one, in the moment, doing this nasty job of […]

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