Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wars, Just and Unjust

Separation: Damn the Democrats

Just as we would separate ourselves from an association with Nazis or the KKK, so ought we to shun the damned pro-abort Democratic party!  And yet, many Christians still remain happily in fellowship with such a damned political party!  What’s up with that? Sin!  We may easily suppose that such is the explanation.  It makes […]

Election Fraud and Revolution

One ought not use “election fraud” as a justification for revolution. That would be a relatively weak excuse. https://www.nationalreview.com/2022/01/seditious-conspiracy-is-the-wrong-charge-in-the-capitol-riot-prosecutions/ A revolution is a serious issue – lots of dead folks.  Got to have a good reason to call for such a price.  What is gained in return? In the American Revolution, it was voting rights (Wow.  […]

Greater Cause for Civil War Now

Greater cause for a civil war now With abortion clinic crimes Than there was for the War Between the states in former times. Blood flowin’ down the drains of “clinics”! “Families of size are the work of cynics” “Fools want to flood the population!” “Surplus people! Got to kill ’em!” “Got to force some sterilization!” […]

Sleepin’ Through the Holocaust

Sleepin’ through the holocaust!We got to pick the pace on up! Got to lose this gross torpidity; Step up to the plate before it’s too late And the judgment falls on your head. Get out on o’ your bed; Time to wake up and rise. Got sticks or stones or lead? Hear those voices cryin’ […]

Biden, Not Hilarious, But Hitlerian

How is Biden not like Hitler? There are many ways.  Biden is not a monarch, as was Hitler.  Biden does wield the power legislate or to govern the courts.  It is his disdain for the Law of God that he and Hitler have in common. In that Law we are informed of the presence of […]

Just War?

Free the Rioters. Are we who submit to the pro-holocaust Biden regime any better than those Germans who submitted to the Nazis?   Are dead Jews a greater tragedy than dead babies?  So where is the support for those who have resisted the pro-abort Biden and his murderous Democrat cronies?  Rioting against the installation of a […]

1 Kings 14

Rehoboam sho’nuf loved Maacah, The favorite of his sixty concubines (Not to mention those eighteen lovely wives). Had a few kids from those ladies! Twenty-eight boys and sixty girls, Only 88 boys out of 78 women? (2 Chron. 11:21) That’s 1.12 children per mother! (Bet those ladies were holdin’ it back, Usin’ some ancient birth […]

Endless Dancing

Thank you Lord, for the Truth you stored In the minds of those holy prophets! They preached to and taught those peoples And in their honor were erected steeples To remind the world of works well done, Marshaling the followers of the Son To bring the news that  everyone needs By works of service and […]

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