Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wars, Just and Unjust

Dems,Worse Than A King

Well, “The Court” finally dumped Roe! Is that what you needed to know Before you could save a baby?Your mind and soul must be shady! Need a judge to authorize compassion (A bomb, a match, and some action)? Who gave the command to love one another? Is that one in the womb not your brother?We […]

Good Riddance, Roe!

Just like slavery went away So will abortion, by God, When they see the light of day! Fools will awake from their drools Zealous for Law grab their tools Justice takes up the hammer Puts butcherers in the slammer. No more blood at the “clinics” (Sorry you pro-abort cynics!) Life created in the image of […]

Bombs Away!

Bombs away throughout the dayGot to step up into the foray. Do it on the sly or on the run; Anyway you like; get ‘er done! Can’t sleep while babies are dying; Don’t turn your ears from their crying. Lots of ways to start trying: You can talk it up with your friends; Write those […]

Ukraine, Russia, US, and Secession Issues

All this rah, rah for Ukraine is curious.  What if Ohio does not want to abide under SCOTUS decrees (which cancel law and justice allow for the murder of babies in the womb)?  May we secede and have the support of those same people who support Russia?  (Ohio might start with a decree that frees […]

Dems, No Better than Jew-killing Nazis

Cruel?  Radical?  Crazy? What kind of an opinion is that?!?!?! Depends up whether you really believe that babies in the womb are people and that the Dems favor the slaughter of people.  If such is really the case, then Dems are no better than Jew-killing Nazis.  Simple! Did Nazis get away with slaughtering Jews by […]

Putin Might Be the Rod

Might thank God for PutinHe might be the very rodTo drive the nation back to God.A national spanking has to comeWhen a nation is so far goneThat it butchers its very own babies;Worse than trying to catch rabies!What a foolish thing to do,Like getting an illicit screw,Inviting judgment from on high.Wake up and dump the […]

Black Christian Supremacist!

I confess to being a supremacist of this sort.  Actually, I don’t care if he is white or black, but a Christian who puts the Law of God first above any contradicting laws of men is the ideal ruler.   But if there are no white candidates holding high the Scriptures and only black candidates are […]

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