Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abortuary Demolitions etc.

Onward Weak or Strong

Stick with the straight and  narrow Flying along like a target arrow. Got that destiny in front; No swerving left or right, Falling into the din or the night;Got that light to guide your fight.That energy will not go to wasteAnd by His Spirit you’ll keep the pace.Head up strong and marching on;Serve Him feeling […]

Christian Radio Babble

“He treated everyone with love and respect,” says some goofball about Jesus on my Christian radio station.  What?!?  Where did you get that notion?  That false teaching?!?!?!? Fool!  Do I need to give a bunch of quotes from Him as He cussed out the Pharisees and tore up the temple? Read your Bible  before you […]

Non-violence!  It Is Our Tradition!

Well, that is fine when your are talking about achieving racial equality or the right of a woman to vote or hold office.  But when you are talking about freeing those who have been enslaved by racial manstealing and trading of black people or when you are talking about the murder of womb-children, tradition may, […]


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Bray “One mans terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” as the saying goes.  What is your standard of right and wrong?   Is it okay to have sex with your neighbor’s wife?  (Good “friends”!)  How about a dog, if there are not people around? Is it okay to kill a noisy child to keep him from […]

Grave Robber!

He takes action, subjecting himself, dangerously, to the possibility of capture and punishment.  So did the Savior.  He took action, entering a world given over the Devil; a world full of disgusting sinners – even who would reject His efforts to save their disgusting souls. So does the “clinic bomber” who delivers babies from violent […]

Buck Up!  No Regrets!

Slaves needed liberty;Babies need air to breathe.Always challenges in a fallen worldWhere evil is nastily unfurled.Plenty of asses to be kicked,But no butts to be licked.Stand for the Truth – straight up;Might someone’s peace disrupt.(“Tough shit!” as some might say.Sometimes there’s no other way.)Action was needed for all;Takes, sometimes, some nasty gall.Deny the greedy to […]

Slandering Liar! (Joel Abrams)

https://theconversation.com/the-capitol-siege-recalls-past-acts-of-christian-nationalist-violence-153059 Joel Abrams says Paul Hill was a follower of “Christian Identity” (an anti-Trinitarian, heretical organization). Liar! Paul Hill was an orthodox, Trinity-worshiping Christian! He stood against those who slaughter womb-children and – as a man – defended them from decadent, murderous, “pro-choice” perverts.

On “Knee-fighting”

“I’ll fight on my knees,” the song says. But prayer, like faith without works, Is was God calls “dead!” So, when you are done praying, arise! Put on your pants and open you eyes!Go to those who are in need: Victims, maybe, of another’s greed (Anybody killin’ babies in the ‘hood? Do your community some […]

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