Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abortuary Demolitions etc.

Stop the Harm

Let us not fail To respond to the call Upon every follower of Christ To defend the innocents. No abortuary may stand In the land where Christians band Together to worship the King Who rules the earth and all nations. There is no excuse To tolerate the abuse Of innocents in the womb Send bloody […]

Had to Do More

Tweren’t raccoons they were a killin’. Naw, and ’tweren’t skunks they were a chokin’. Those were babies they were butcherin’ away! Had to do more then just a “say”! ‘Twas a bad thing they were a-doin’ Yeah, it was more than just a screwin’ They were pullin’ off arms and legs. Yeah, throwing ’em out like […]

King Scotus

There once was a king, Scotus Who laid a lot o’ crap upon us. We had to rebel, He was takin’ us to hell Sheddin’ the blood o’ those babies. (Oh, worse than rabies!) Yeah, a rabid disease it was! Folks said, “What’s the buzz? What’s up with this shit? Y’all lookin’ at tit While […]

Relief From the Devil’s Spell

How easy it is to point That finger at our fathers And rail about their slavery And all that segregation While we sit about in ease Seeking only ourselves to please Sucking up our comfort and wealth While the blood of innocents flows. We click those keys for the “net” And get our news while […]

A Grave Decision

The decision to terminate An unwanted abortionist Is a grave one, indeed!  Think of the wife of the murdererWho thought the man she married A doctor and not a butcher Of those babies and then surely Suffering from the trauma And discovering the truth And is in need of therapy And deliverance happilyFrom the mess […]

Morning Meditation

“Damn these Pro-abort, Baby-killing Bastards!” That is about as civil as it gets. Can’t say it any kinder.  Simple, direct questions: 1. What is the proper penalty for those who murder babies?  2. What is justice for those who advocate or even tolerate baby butchery? 3. How is it that we go on and on […]

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