Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abortuary Demolitions etc.

Capitol “Riots” May Well Be Justified

Why is NR so defensive about he “Capitol Riots”? https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/07/january-6-was-not-a-coup/ When you have Godless, Nazi-like, Pro-aborts in power, such a drastic situation calls for drastic action, the least of which is a “capitol riot”!   Revolution is well justified in response to the Nazi-like tyranny of a SCOTUS which has decreed the evil of child-slaughter (a.k.a. […]

The Boastful Fool

Pity the woman in such desperation As to kill her very own child, That gift from heaven above Wrought by God in that womb with love. But may God damn the killer, That abortionist – a truth contortionist, Who tells her, “It’s all about choice!” And boasts of giving her freedom a voice. He’s a […]


Neither SCOTUS nor POTUS Gave the Law! God Almighty did, Dig it kid? It ain’t up to you To tear the Law down Throw the Commands of GodTo the ground! So get up off your ass, Get movin’ real fast, Gotta tear those abortuaries down! Yeah, we’re talkin’ ’bout a rapid pace! Got to get […]

Imprecation Meditation

Pin a medal on his chest! He couldn’t wait for an arrest Had to terminate the killer now. Couldn’t wait for a “decision,” SCOTUS and all their bogus, Had to get right to the issue. More than just a matter of tissue. Took a knife to that butcher, Couldn’t wait another hour! Had it all […]

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