Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abortuary Demolitions etc.

On “Knee-fighting”

“I’ll fight on my knees,” the song says. But prayer, like faith without works, Is was God calls “dead!” So, when you are done praying, arise! Put on your pants and open you eyes!Go to those who are in need: Victims, maybe, of another’s greed (Anybody killin’ babies in the ‘hood? Do your community some […]

Judges: Just and Otherwise

One judge finds me guilty And sentences me to ten years And a whole lot of restitution money; Another judge reverses the caseAnd I go back to court.An Alford plea gets me six(Over a guilty plea for five).Satisfied, I do my  time on the sixOnly later to find that restitutionWas omitted in the legal shuffling,And […]

BAMN, Says I!  Give It a Try

Vengeance is the Lord’s And rescue is ours: BAMN! By Any Means Necessary! So give thanks for your bomber comrades: Some single, some moms, and some dads! And  let ’em fly: bricks or fine grenades. Ours is to do more than just to pray! Got to save those innocents about to die. Whatever your choice, […]

Murdered By Medical Tools

Yes, the termination of an unwanted abortionist is a difficult achievement,What with misguided, rogue police turning a blind eye to those who die In those “health care facilities” where they slaughter babies, Treating those who butcher them like rabies, unwilling to lay a hand Upon those who ought from healthy society to be scorned and […]

The Selfish Life of “Choice”!

So you jack-ass “progressives” Justify the Civil War To deliver people from bondage, But you can’t justify the bombing Of baby-killing “abortuaries” To save children from mortuaries, Those graves down which they are flung No more than some filthy dung! For what cause may blood be shed? Righteousness, Godliness – or selfishness? The Southern man […]

The American People!?

What Kind Are They? What kind of a people would put up with the slaughter of babies for decades? The American People!  No.  Got no grounds for national pride.  No way but the humble way.  Lay yourselves before God and cry out for mercy! Then  get up and do the right thing.   Shut those damned […]

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