Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

February, 2022

Joe Biden is a POS

Joe Biden is a POSThat POTUS is a nasty mess;An apostate runnin’ real lowHeadin’ to that place below;A traitor to his own creedKillin’ those truly in need,Waitin’ for birth in that wombBut turned from life to the tomb.Talkin’ straight: he’s a piece o’ shit!No truth, no holy wit.Thinks like a regular heathen,Killin’ babies before they’re […]

Putin Might Be the Rod

Might thank God for PutinHe might be the very rodTo drive the nation back to God.A national spanking has to comeWhen a nation is so far goneThat it butchers its very own babies;Worse than trying to catch rabies!What a foolish thing to do,Like getting an illicit screw,Inviting judgment from on high.Wake up and dump the […]

A Tribute to George

And Reflections upon FCI Ray Brook In prison long ago, I had a cellmate ( a “cellie”), George (last name omitted from this account).  As is not unusual in prison, we became best friends.  He was in federal prison not for a federal crime, but by arrangement by his home state with the federal government.  […]

Get Mean to Stay Clean

(Is. 1:16,17; a.m. reading) If you want to stay clean You got to get mean And seek hard for that justice!Plenty of sin there amongst us; You got to “Reprove the ruthless And defend the orphan”; Those “clinic” doors be stormin’. Go late at night or early in mornin’;The wicked have had their warnin’!Make your […]


I saw a message somewhere on the internet put out by some covert organization.  It was rather crudely written as follows:  Forming a new prolife organization.  Not sure what the AAA will stand for.  Got to clarify our mission, here.     It could be the Abort Abortionists Association or maybe the Association of Abortionist Aborters […]

Eternal Nights and Days

Evermore on heaven’s shore Tryin’ to make it onto land. Been out on those waters, Rockin’ and rollin’ in the waves; Gotta get to that land of promise Where life is clean and pure; No tarnishing from that manure: The dung over earth spread wide. That land of promise is sweet; Got neither cold nor […]

Whom,Today, Lord?

Whom, today Lord, may I blessBringing to his soul some rest? Wandering to a fro each day, Who needs now to know the way? Got to be one here or there Drifting in the blowing air. Your will is more that just a thrill Giving us comfort as from a pill; We strive to dive […]

Tribute to Sabina

Sabina didn’t get its nameFrom that mistress of NeroSupplanted by a girl, Poppaea;No, she wasn’t playin’ the who’!Sabina was a saint, a martyrConverted by a girl, SerapiaRefusing to worship false gods.Well the judge turned her overTo some nasty Egyptian “lover”For to shame and humiliate herBack in year one-twenty-five A.D.A thing known as chastity and purityWas […]

Abort the Court!

Yes, the Court ruled athwart Allowing mothers to abortThe very gift God had given To enrich their daily living! O foolish men in robes Freeing women by the droves To butcher babies on a whim Even simply to stay trim! But justice will come soon And over every nation looms! What answer will you give? […]

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