Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Whom,Today, Lord?

Whom, today Lord, may I bless
Bringing to his soul some rest?
Wandering to a fro each day,
Who needs now to know the way?
Got to be one here or there
Drifting in the blowing air.
Your will is more that just a thrill
Giving us comfort as from a pill;
We strive to dive deep into justice
Bringing peace to those among us.
What to do and what to say,
Bringing others from the fray,
The worldly nonsense ever spoken
From those think the Savior a token,
Rather than true Life eternal
Delivering from that place infernal?
Serve with more than words – deeds!
Minist’ring to those with needs.

1114 on 24 Feb., 2022

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