Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


I saw a message somewhere on the internet put out by some covert organization.  It was rather crudely written as follows: 

Forming a new prolife organization.  Not sure what the AAA will stand for.  Got to clarify our mission, here.    

It could be the Abort Abortionists Association or maybe the Association of Abortionist Aborters (or “Abortionists” could be put in place of “Aborters,” but that’s a mouthful). 

Anyway, while we are working on a good name, we have to figure out our purpose and mission and so forth.  How about “saving lives” as the purpose?  That’s always a good idea. So, we’ll just affirm that because we like life – and lives – we want to save those babies whose lives are being taken by an aborter,  or an abortionist (is that the way you spell him?).  Anyway, to continue, we want to save the lives of those babies from the aborters of lives by “doing them in” by any means necessary to save the lives of those babies!

Does that make sense?  (Just want to clarify the mission and purpose of the USAAA.)

Okay, so here we go.  The Triple A will get the job done.  I mean, no messin’ around!  If a known aborter is any where near any member of the Triple A, you can be sure he’s a gonner.  That USAAA member will hop to and take him out!

Well, I didn’t know what to make of it, so I just prayed for those fellows (or gals!  Can’t disrespect those ladies, now!) to either get ‘er done (and make lots of folks happy and encouraged) or just pass on the idea to someone who might take it up! 

And I would like to encourage Christian folk around the land to pray for anyone out there trying to make a decision for Christ as to whether or not he (or she, can’t forget those ladies) wants to serve Him in this fashion, or (I guess we could say) this kind of “ministry.”  Indeed, serving the “least of these” is quite a holy service!

It sure is an unusual one, but, you know, the Lord leads and guides His people through all kinds of different and perverse times and situations.  And we have to be ready for His leading and be prepared to be led by His Spirit.

Think back in the days when our ignorant forefathers kept slaves and just did like the Yankees were doing, trading people like cattle.   They bought those slaves from those Yankee traders and just acted like it was the right thing to do,  as if the Lord wouldn’t mind just ’cause others were doin’ it!

Crazy it was!  But that’s what folks do when they measure right and wrong on the basis of what other folk DO rather than on what God’s word SAYS.  

We got to discern the difference ‘tween popular opinion and Truth!   High time to join the USAAA!

1 June, 2020

(Not posted ’til 25 Feb, 2022!)

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