Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Speech – Lawful and Unlawful

Those “Differences of Opinion”

‘Twas a time when a slaveholder was viewed by abolitionists as just another fellow citizen with contrary political beliefs.   He was entitled to his opinion (for a season),  though it was one which eventually could not be tolerated.  Some opinions are not to be tolerated when they are carried out into the public arena.   Slavery […]

Antifa Punks

What’s with these “Antifa” punks? Insurrectionist vandals they are, Yet they slide by and are not tried And prosecuted for insurrection? How about some correction? ‘Tis the season to judge this treason And hang ’em high in the sky, For citizens to ask themselves why We would not prosecute such crime? It is way past […]

Niggers and Fetuses

24 April, 2020 What is it about an offensive expression that makes it such?  Is “nigger” not a disdainful word? A word of disparagement? Insult? Even hatred? Whenever we denigrate someone or something unjustly (yes, there are times or occasions for just denunciations or denigrations), we are “offensive” to standards –  to acceptable behavior.  Accordingly, […]

The Bigot

18 Dec., 2018 “A person who is utterly intolerant of any creed that differs from his own.”  That is the definition of the word we commonly hear tossed against folks who hold opinions contrary to the prevailing or popular doctrine.  And that opinion which is popularly held (or,  by radio or TV media enhancement, seems […]

The Mad Abortionist

19 Nov., 2017 Word spread of an abortionist gone mad.  The poor wretch felt threatened by the rhetoric of Christians who were calling his deeds “murderous” and himself a “murderer.”  Would he be targeted by vengeful Christian fanatics?  Might they not act upon the charge that he was truly killing babies?  This thought loomed increasingly […]

Dillard Delivered from Obamanation!

http://www.kansascity.com/2013/08/15/v-print/4413107/judge-sides-with-abortion-opponent.html We reported briefly on the vindication of Angel Dillard as follows by email on 16 August, 2013: The Obamanation suffered a well-earned smack in the chops by U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten. Angel Dillard had been charged with various threats for simply warning would-be Tiller replacement Mila Means that her chosen profession was […]

No More Trench Coats in Virginia!

Michael Bray Capitol Area Christian News Spring, 1999 [The article references the reaction to public school students wearing trench coats, in emulation of the murderers of the Columbine, Colorado students. It might better be classified under Polytheistic Statism] Some kids were thrown out of a government school clear over in Virginia, as we recall, for […]

Communists and Christians: Blocking Access

Michael Bray February, 2008 Not all folks who oppose the war in Iraq are Communists.  But most of those engaged in the harassment of the Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley are.[1]  Why is it that Communists block access to young people who want to volunteer to fight their country’s wars, but they oppose and obstruct  […]

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