Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

No More Trench Coats in Virginia!

Michael Bray
Capitol Area Christian News
Spring, 1999

[The article references the reaction to public school students wearing trench coats, in emulation of the murderers of the Columbine, Colorado students. It might better be classified under Polytheistic Statism]

Some kids were thrown out of a government school clear over in Virginia, as we recall, for wearing the out-of- taste garb in the days following the termination of 13 fully maturated fetuses in Colorado. The two who aborted the 13 from this world were also from that class of fetuses which escaped feticide. It is a sad irony: survivors killing survivors.

What to do? Why, we must stop hatred, of course.

But how?

We need a national campaign to educate people about love! And we need to outlaw hate!

Amen. But we enlightened ones know that God is Love (I.e. the one true God). And if we educate folks about Love, we will reduce hate!

But if we educate about Love, we must necessarily educate about Truth. And if we educate people to live by the Truth, we must educate them to follow Jesus: the “Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

So, let us begin. Satan hates the Truth and doesn’t love anybody; our Colorado terminators “admired the Gothic scene and Satan worship” (Washington Times, 21 April). So we start by outlawing Satan worship!

Ah, but the Church of Satan is recognized by our Federal government, complete with IRS tax exempt status. How shall we get rid of the Devil and the secularist Federal government?

This is a big problem, indeed.

Yeah, we need a big God. Rise up! ye Governors! Rule with the authority you possess as sovereign states united with but not subordinate to the United States government. As long as the secularist (read: atheist) federal judiciary strikes down every effort on the part of states to establish a religious (viz. Christian) foundation for justice, there is no hope. Impose state taxes on non-Christian (i.e. non-Trinitarian) religious groups, rejecting their claims to “church” status.

In the meantime, fetuses (big and small) will continue to be aborted.

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