Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Antifa Punks

What’s with these “Antifa” punks?
Insurrectionist vandals they are,
Yet they slide by and are not tried
And prosecuted for insurrection?
How about some correction?
‘Tis the season to judge this treason
And hang ’em high in the sky,
For citizens to ask themselves why
We would not prosecute such crime?
It is way past that reckoning time
When rebels are brought to heal
To pay for their obscene violence
Reminding citizens of consequence
That must come when you do dumb,
Listen to Godless fools and succumb
To asinine destruction of statues.
Gonna come again right “at chou”
If you don’t settle it down hard
With some time or a strong whip.
Punk rebels did not get the spankin’
Nor give to God the thankin’
They owed Him and the Fathers
And plenty of faithful others.

1 Feb., 2021

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