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Author of A Time To Kill

Dillard Delivered from Obamanation!


We reported briefly on the vindication of Angel Dillard as follows by email on 16 August, 2013:

The Obamanation suffered a well-earned smack in the chops by U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten.

Angel Dillard had been charged with various threats for simply warning would-be Tiller replacement Mila Means that her chosen profession was a de facto dangerous one.

       Go down, Obamanation!


AP reporter, Roxana Hegeman, covering the case since it began in 2011, wrote “U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten summarily found in favor of Angel Dillard” in the April 2011 civil lawsuit brought by (yours truly) the U.S. Justice Department. (See “Judge sides with abortion opponent in Kansas Case,”   15 August, 2013)

She reports the response of Dillard defense attorney, Don McKinney: “It was a great victory for the First Amendment . . . Obviously, we agree with the opinion.  I appreciate the court held the U.S. Department of Justice accountable to the law and the evidence.”  McKinney noted that Dillard had “been deposed for eight or nine hours by the government.”

Referring to the business of butchering children in the womb, the Obama Justice Department’s “Civil Rights Division” declared, “The right of doctors to deliver lawful reproductive health services free from threats of violence is protected by federal law.”

Sadly, the feds want not only to protect  the right to butcher children, but to ensure that no one utters too loud of an objection to the same. And they are quick to interpret as “threats” simple dialogue and fair, heartfelt warnings about the personal physical, spiritual, and psychological damage which comes quite demonstrably in consequence of “abortion.”

Indeed, the butchering of one’s child cannot be transformed into something else by renaming it “abortion” or “reproductive health service” or any other such deceitful euphemism.

The Obamanation had sued citizen Dillard under the 1994 abortion-industry-protecting “Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE)” after Dillard wrote the prospective abortionist who would replace the decedent abortionist George Tiller.  Two years after the mass baby killer had been terminated by Scott Roeder in January, 2009, one Mila Means had intended to take the place of Tiller. In a letter sent in January 2011 when Means was “training to offer abortion services” at the Wichita “clinic,” as Hegeman describes, Dillard warned with candor and simple speech the prospective Tiller replacement of the potential personal danger.  At the time, no abortionist had theretofore taken up the bloody trade from which Tiller had been scrupulously relieved. Dillard obviously intended no sinister threat.   Rather, as one would attempt to arouse another fellow human being from what would seem to be a bedeviling stupor,  Dillard simply and patently presented her concerns for a fellow human being and even supplied her own return address!  Where is a sinister threat in such communication?

The good news reported by Hegeman is that “Means no longer has any plans to offer abortion services in Kansas.”  Indeed, we hope she has come to her senses and decided that baby killing is not a good thing to do anywhere in the world and not just Wichita.




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