Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

What Is an Anarchist to Do?!

(Or, What Are We to Do with Damned Anarchists?)

When all principles of morality and civility are cast away, what is left at the end of the day?

Anarchists don’t like law and neither do they like order.  They despised laws against abortion and wanted the right to dispose of a child unwanted.  They despised laws against sodomy and pushed the “gay rights” and the abolishment of anti-sodomy laws throughout the land.  So what else is there to abolish?  What other laws might they despise?  Well, nations and governments that sustain them are surely a despicable obstacle to the peace of an anarchist!  Down with government!  Freedom!  Anarchy?  Let chaos reign!  Yes, worship and serve Chaos!  Selfish is as selfish does ! . . . or something.

Yeah, they really don’t have much of a plan.  Anarchists are not well know for their vision for the future.  They are all about rebellion and destruction, not construction.

So why do we give these jackasses so much play?  Why is “freedom of speech” and riotous chaos under the same banner so sacred when it is so lethal to the land? 

Better to round up such treacherous hoodlums and disgusting anarchists and prosecute them for the high crime, even the capital crime of treason.  To call their crimes anything less is buffoonish asininity.  Bring and end now to the this disgusting and inexcusable rioting and destruction of sacred statues and property.

23 April, 2021

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