Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Bake the Cake?

24 Jan., 2018

What will the Supremes say?  Will they treat the bakers like they treated baby advocates?

They are to hear the plea of those Christian bakers in  Oregon.  SCOTUS is weak in its opinions because it has forsaken (divine) Justice.  Having rejected the Law as the guide for what is right and just – the guide for understanding  our own  national values of “life, liberty, and justice for all – the judges cannot even rule justly to protect human life at its beginning!  How can they do justice for life as it progresses through the many turns of its course?  How can they give the bakers a break?  They must give way to the “feelings” of those poor sodomites who were denied a fag wedding cake which they demanded that Christians create for them!

Oh the “feelings” of the heathen!  How oppressed they feel when Christians speak the Truth to them! Poor things.  It is so hurtful to their sensitive, Godless, souls!

Are they sensitive to those who love the Law and advocate it for all?

Similarly, we “anti-aborts” are still “under the gun” from the oppression of FACE.  The so-called Freedom of Access the Clinic Entrance law 1994) was designed as a political weapon to restrict protests against baby killing (a.k.a. “abortion” or, to use the euphemistic propaganda of the pro-abortion folks,  – “a woman’s right to control her body”!  Really!).

Will they shut the bakers down like they shut down Andrew Burnett’s Life Advocate Magazine, the ACLA  and other voices for the protection of the womb children?

The Patriot Post says:

The Oregon Court of Appeals upheld a decision that forced two Christian bakers to pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple who said they felt “mentally raped” when the bakers declined to make a wedding cake. https://patriotpost.us/opinion/53191-oregon-court-rules-christian-bakery-must-pay-$135k-to-lesbian-couple

They shut us down proclaiming that we were threatening violence (to violent baby killers, indeed).  (What is wrong with that?  You don’t scare a wolf from its prey by being nice to him!)  But, in fact, we actually made no threats.  They “felt” threatened and so we were found guilty, guilty as charged by their “feelings.”

See the case described by the bakers’ defense attorney, Jay Sekulow, here:  https://aclj.org/bray-v-alexandria-womens-health-clinic-1991—-arguing-for-pro-life-speech-rights_W75Rk-Xh_OI)  He was our attorney as well, and, excellent as he is, fared poorly against the PP-minded SCOTUS.

Yes, if the baby butchers “felt threatened,” well then they must be reckoned to have been threatened!  We who spoke against these butchers were guilty of violating federal law, viz., the euphemistically denoted “Freedom of Access to Clinics Entrances” law, (FACE).   That blasphemous SCOTUS opinion was an assault against free speech and a despicable “go get’em” nod to PP and their baby-butchering cohorts.

What to do?  Abort the Court (SCOTUS)!  Restore freedom to the states so they can rule with justice.  Can’t do any worse.  Clearly the feds have gone to hell.   Why must we submit to them?

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