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Terrorism – of God and Men

Lead on Cuomo!

31 January, 2019 Re https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/01/infanticide-craze-new-york-virginia-abortion-laws/ Kill all those inconvenient babies!  And how these pro-aborts unabashedly continue in their ravaging of women and babies as zealous  devotees giving honor to the anniversary of  Roe v. Wade “law” (22 January, 1973). May we treat Governors Cuomo, Northram and  a Democratic lawmaker in the Virginia House of Delegates, […]

Jesus Expounds upon “Doe v. Bolton” and “Roe v. Wade”

Cathy Ramey January, 2019 This anniversary of our present American Holocaust is addressed in Scripture by none other than the LORD of lords, Jesus Christ Himself – for those who think: “Abortion was never addressed by Jesus!” Jesus’ own words as they apply to this vast shedding of innocent blood can be found in Matthew’s […]

In Defense of Another: The Paul Hill Brief (posted Oct., 2017)

The brief attached at the link below, written by Michael Hirsh in 1995, was published by the Regent University Law Review. It provides the legal argument for the termination of an abortionist by one who is acting in defense of the innocents who are threatened by the actions of said abortionist. Hirsh brief

Snarr, Civil Rights, and THE Issue at Hand

22 Feb., 2017 As reported by Neil Snarr in the Journal (21 Feb., 2017) there was in Wilmington an  anti-slavery newspaper published from 1851-1855, The Herald of Freedom, edited  one John W. Chaffin.  I was delighted to read about it. To the glory of Biblical truths and justice and to the credit of these Christian […]

Why Don’t We Honor the Faggot?

(Authored by Bray, published in AFLM which was sued out of existence by PP in the PP v. ACLA suit of 1995.) Advocates for Life Magazine,  July, 1996 When they piled up all those faggots and burned them underneath her helpless body, they didn’t realize the honor they were bestowing upon Joan of Arc.  She […]

That Wicked City, Joplin, that Slew Nancy Cruzan

 25 May, 2011  What was the matter with Joplin?  Why all the nasty wind? Of course, we who are not speaking as prophets of God can only speculate about the occasion for disasters.  When are such devastating weather-related events “natural disasters”?  And when  ̶  judgments?  Let us propose that there are no “natural disasters” since […]

Jihadists and Anti-abortionists? Hmmm.

Michael Bray 12 October 2001 Jihadists and Anti-abortionsts? Hmmm. Until now the federal government has spent more money investigating what NOW, Planned Parenthood, and other left-wing abortophilic allies call “terrorism” than it has on any other national threat – be it feminists, Islamists, Democrats, communists, or AIDS-infested pederasts. I am speaking, of course, about anti-abortion […]

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