Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Terrorism – of God and Men

The Selfish Life of “Choice”!

So you jack-ass “progressives” Justify the Civil War To deliver people from bondage, But you can’t justify the bombing Of baby-killing “abortuaries” To save children from mortuaries, Those graves down which they are flung No more than some filthy dung! For what cause may blood be shed? Righteousness, Godliness – or selfishness? The Southern man […]

Some Sick Puppies

We think we have graduated to some higher ethical plain above our slave-owning or slavery-tolerating American citizens of the ante-bellum era.   Or we think we have exceeded the morality of those who tolerated the segregation days which followed until ML King came along and raised a stink!  Nah!  We haven’t risen above them. We are […]

Abort an Abortionist?

The right to abort an abortionist Is a genuine appendancy In a real life emergency. When a baby’s life is at stake, Drastic measures we may take. So get off your duff and defend this stuff; Speak the truth with consistency! Are people created in the imago Dei Or are you a fake Christian at […]

A Perverse Peace

In the ante-bellum era, the Spirit of  Toleration could not prevail.  Its grip could not encompass all the people; there were enough to resist and overcome the evil which had extended its reach to many states.  We are not so blessed with the zeal either to separate from an evil or to defeat it.  Toleration […]

When the Law of God is Abandoned

When Christians of a nation Forsake their alliance around the Law, Sodomites rise and take their place Forming a union around their freedom To abominate the land with their sin, All in the name of a new kind of liberty. Selfish perversion is the new core: The value is cherished by the decadent. It is […]

Practical Executions?

Of course!  Generally assuming the ability and resources were there to properly carry out justice, one must consider what would be right to do in a case where the means are not available to carry out ideal justice!  The comment offered by George, Lord Halifax, which I cite from the Harper Book of Quotations, says: […]

Vote!  Or . . .

Vote with your hands, feet, gas, and matches; It’s the fast way to save those babies; Most effective and refreshing too. It shows there’s a way to get ‘er done When others want to sit on their thumbs. Take a load off your mind and get out o’ that bind. You don’t need to just […]

Gonna Shave that Head, Legs and Face!

(Isaiah 7:20 and 8:13) Gonna shave that head, legs and face! What about the chest, arms and groin? Well, don’t ya know what’s goin’ on? Got humiliation comin’ down! Shavin’ those places all covered; Bring some disgrace on those mothers Of sons who want to do wrong Shavin’ everything but that “dong”! Oh, it’s a […]

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