Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Terrorism – of God and Men

Wars Are Sometimes the Solution for Justice

Lots of people died, But it was worth it. The Civil War provided Freedom for “Negroes”; And it was worth it.  Justice is sometimes expensive. Now, what price is worth the protection Of womb-children from death? Similarly, the abortion-freedom travesty Is based upon something called “choice”?A real deception, denigrating human beings.Are the little ones worth […]

Terrorists and Life Savers

Indeed, depending upon whose “law” you follow and who (or what) your god is, you may find yourself in opposition to fellow citizens. If you honor God (the triune One of the Bible) and follow His law, you  will find yourself at odds with your government when it follows secular (Godless) laws. The Godless call […]

Sissy Submission to a Renegade “Court”

Did the “Court” have the authority to  overturn the laws of all the states and thereby legalize child-slaughter? No.   Does the President have authority to issue a national emergency and forbid submission of the federal government to such lawless decrees?  Yes. But does he have either the integrity or balls to do so?  No. So […]


Said the damned Democrats, back then, to own slaves. “Freedom!” of choice, now,  to destroy a child Growing in the womb of his mother. O “freedom” needs to have the proper reference To be right and not a matter of decadence!Like “love,” it needs to be rightly referencedAnd guided by the Law of the CreatorWho […]

On Jackass Punks

Now think of those stupid-ass punksMessing with those women’s centers Where all help is given freely to ladies To help avoid a fate worse than rabies. It is not a matter of vandals doing violence To someone on the other side of an issue. We are talking about more than some “tissue”! “Crisis pregnancy centers” […]

Christian Cop Arrests an Anti-abort Rescuer

            “Sorry to have to arrest you, friend.”             “No problem!  I know you got to do your job.  If not you, someone else would do it.  What is coming down is coming down.”             “Well, nevertheless, I am sorry that I have to be the one, in the moment, doing this nasty job of […]


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Bray “One mans terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” as the saying goes.  What is your standard of right and wrong?   Is it okay to have sex with your neighbor’s wife?  (Good “friends”!)  How about a dog, if there are not people around? Is it okay to kill a noisy child to keep him from […]

Slavery Was A Choice

Slavery, like abortion, was a choice! (A bad one with nasty consequence.) Enslaving another is the work of a ghoul;The taking of an innocent life is not cool,(To say the bloody least!)It is work inspired by some demonic beast.How else to assess manstealing and murder?But that is the condition of our fallen nature;We destroy life […]

BAMN, Says I!  Give It a Try

Vengeance is the Lord’s And rescue is ours: BAMN! By Any Means Necessary! So give thanks for your bomber comrades: Some single, some moms, and some dads! And  let ’em fly: bricks or fine grenades. Ours is to do more than just to pray! Got to save those innocents about to die. Whatever your choice, […]

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