Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

May, 2021

How the Wicked Will Fare

How poorly the wicked will fare As the angels stop and stare When the Judgment Day comes down Pain and misery all around Nothing do to but to walk up straight Steady on to that golden gate Where Truth and Justice will rain.  Gone all misery and pain Where the proud and humble must deign. […]

Of All the Facts

Of all the facts out there To be downloaded and pondered, You don’t want to overlook that one That trumps everything under the sun. The rising of the Savior from the dead Needs to go to heart and head. Get with the facts and take some action! Repent, follow God; get some traction. Don’t slide […]

Traveled Around

Started out in a place called Long Beach Way out there, yeah way out ‘o reach! Traveled around all over my life; Didn’t mind it much and finally got a wife. O she’s a girl a fellow couldn’t do without! Got lots o’ good looks and plenty of clout; Yeah she’s a fine little thing […]

The Lord’s Poet

I am the Lord’s poet And don’t I know it! I put down a word or two And why right now, not later? Well, soon your life is through And then what you gonna do? Got to get up and do your duty now. Don’t matter if you don’t know how;The commands are downright easy! […]

Next Time You See That Fool

So the next time you see that fool Walkin’ down the street, don’t tweet And talk about his foolish ways. Remember there were you, Just the other day, Flittering around like a bat. Think right now about that! You were gone, long gone Down the road of stupidity, Caught all up in your cupidity, Rolling […]

The Spring Has Sprung

The Spring has lustfully sprung As the clouds move ever above. The birds all fly at a whim And the air is still at their tweeting. The gray clouds move unhindered By the will of the creatures below, For the One who moves them knows The nature and purpose of all that grows. The birds […]

Biden Gonna Get Your Meat

Watch it boys! Biden gonna get your meat He’s after it!  He’s in heat! Sniffin’ ’round for your wallet If not your daughter or wife The damned Dems are after your life Already killin’ those babies In the womb!  Ain’t no “maybe” It’s for real he’s killin’ those kids Treatin’ those babies like pigs O […]

Poignant Poetry

Poignant poetry and scintillating essays, What else was I supposed to do? I kept ’em comin’ all day long As long as those muses could last.Kept ’em busy trying to keep up, You know with all my carryin’ on, That song and all the inspiration, Keep up a magnificent sensation! So I keep on tappin’ […]

A Letter from Prince Wade

[Date – Somewhere in our foggy minds where the past and future meet] Most Reverend Bishop of Roe, I write to you, good sir, on the matter of a merciful deed contemplated on behalf of those in deepest darkness.  There must, I believe, always be compassions extended to those walking in darkness.  Accordingly, a new […]

“By Your Life” Said Uriah

2 Sam 11 “By your life and the life of my soul!” Said Uriah solemnly to David, “I will not do this thing! No way! I can’t sleep with my wife today! What would all my soldiers say? They’re out in the field and in the cold Fighting the enemy and staying bold. Uriah’s my […]

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