Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Judging Corona

How shall we judge The current judgment? AIDS was sodomy-specific, Corona is general. All are doomed Under the gloom Of Corona. Makes all moan-a And groan-a. Got to submit With all wits And laws To the Boss Who reigns On high Above all us. 26 March at 1005


Vesicants there are Worse than the virus.O plagues there are many Come and gone. Like sins rampant They overwhelm a nation A people underwhelmed By their sin. O come in To their hearts And to rulers, Lord of all, The giver of Law. May they turn Lest they burn. Be done with the fun. Worship […]

Trauma and Sweet Relief!

19 March, 2020 Sitting in the railroad car en route To visit my cousin many years ago About 19 and 20 I was struck With an intestinal urge. It was of course not the most Prime of circumstances As the quarters were rather close And time was of the essence. The pressure mounted and my […]

The Plague

15 March, 2020 at 1235 Who will explainThe Corona plagueTo the people?Who will call itFor what it is?A Judgment.The Almighty is doneWith all your fun,Your foolish fornication.A land once strongSings a new songOf sorrow and lamentation.

The Corona Plague

March, 2020 It is, of course, and thanks to a merciful Judge, long overdue.  For us Yahweh worshipers (or Jesus freaks, as more modernly known), who are indignant of the national sin of abortion (five decades long) and the general flouting of God’s Law, we say a robust, “Amen!”  O modern man who thinks he […]

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