Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Moses Went From Moab

Now Moses went from MoabAll the way to Mt. Nebo Even to the top of Pisgah! Must have been a drag ya know?But the Lord showed him the land Oh, a lot to beat the band! Naphtali, Ephraim, ManassehCould hold a lot o’ cribs, yessah! But Moses couldn’t go there He broke up those Commandments […]

Two Children, Maybe Three”

“Two children, maybe three” Sang those Temptations In conformity With birth control trolls, Those monitors of the earth Who frown upon birth When numbers exceed What they think the planet needs. But what will they say Facing the Creator on that Day In whose image they were made? What stocks and bonds will they trade? […]

Greatest Regret

My greatest regret and lamentation Was that moment when I crept up Behind my singing wife and Laughed while she sang out with joy To herself, the angels, and to God. As I chucked at a tune imperfect To the sophisticated ear, She discovered my eaves drop And did stop, quite disturbed Never again to […]

Old Guys Must Trust

Aged men may have an affection But can find no erection To fulfill their wishful desires And so not so suffer in the mire Where wantons wander in lust Those old guys must trust In the plan of the Boss Who came down from the cross And back up after three Days for the world […]

What Choo Know, China Joe?

What choo know, China Joe? Got some babies you can kill? Give the momma a pill? Or suck that baby out With a tube and a knife Take that little one’s very life? You’re no better than a robber Come to take from the house, Sneaky as a lowly mouse: Anything that you can find, […]

Godless People

Godless people are really not. They can’t escape Him But will be brought Right up before His throne To answer the charges: Rejection of all He has shown Of Himself  in creation And by the sensation Brought to mind in elation Found to abound Everywhere on the planet And  seen by the simplest Of people […]

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