Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


National Civility

The essence of civility is the condition where the affirmation of good and denunciation of evil is carried out in public.  Justice is not a private matter, but one which is acknowledged in law and visible to the public. In the cases of sodomy and abortion, we, as a nation, no longer denounce the murder […]

Receive That Child!

Call her a niggard, call her a churl.Call her a selfish girl!But who abandoned herAnd left her aloneTo care for the one in her womb?Where was the punk who jumpedThe ship and left her to fend for herself?What kind of chump would leave her aloneTo carry that child without a home?Let punky boys grow upYeah, […]

On Teaching Humility

Humility is not an attribute which we can teach. It is a character trait which is learned by experience. We can elaborate to the humbled person upon that principle by teaching him about the greatest humiliation of all, the incarnation and crucifixion of Jesus.  And the best occasion for such instruction is that of his […]

To the Roman Church

Nov., 2022 Dear “Church,” What keeps you from excommunicating your arch-heretic, Joe Biden? Are you dependent upon the donations of those apostate members who remain committed to the pro-abort Democratic party? Are you a whore that you would take money from heretics and nominal Christians in exchange for abandoning justice – church discipline?  Your deluded […]


A Place Fit For (Fools, Ignoramuses, Rebels, and Egotists) What, essentially, is a sinner? A person fit for the fire, A Foolish, Ignorant, Rebellious Egotist; One who the worship of God resists.He imagines himself in need of no God; Thinks there’ll be no eternal rod;Passes off Jesus as a piece of lore; Ignores Him like […]

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