Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Bare Necessities.

Let fly and let ’em flop You know it’s time to drop Those drawers right down to the floor; Got to go as those bowels dictate! Don’t never, never want to be late. Got to go when you got to go Don’t nobody else got to know. Go now or do it on the run; […]

We, the Created

(Short and to the point) We, the created, Find ourselves hated By the fact we have slated Millions to that womb-death We have labeled a “choice,” Denying the innocents a voice As they are washed down the drain So moms can avoid the pain Of giving birth and caring For their helpless offspring: That very […]

Chestnuts Roasting

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Falling from fagaceous trees Let’s go out with a glorious shout Pick one up to clobber a Kraut (Not talkin’ here about regular Germans Just those bad boys of World War II) Got to use those nuts to be true; Get done whatever you got to do By whatever […]

Thoughts on Hugh

He’s got all time as well as this day To bring your ass into conformity With His law in all its enormity. He made the world out of nothing And is quite cable to handle our bucking. Onward and upward we ever go Always remembering, ever in the know: He’s got our lives in His […]

Uzziah Was Enraged

2 Chron 26:16-28:3 The priests of the Lord were valiant men Under the rule of the prideful Uzziah Who gallfully entered the temple The place where only priests could go. Swiftly, they went after that intruder: “Not for you to burn incense!” they charged. Right in after him those men of God barged: (18) “You’ve […]

Shut Down the Faucets

Shut down the faucets of “reproductive rights”! Stop that flow of innocent blood. Got ourselves caught up in a nationwide flood; All gonna drown in this mess! Fool nations want to uphold “Toleration!” For what and from which comes doom Upon the heads of those who found no room For little ones in their hearts […]

2 Chron 26

(20 Dec., 2021) Uzziah was strong and full of pride;Thought he could go where the priests abide,Right into that holy sanctuary!Oh!  He was quite contrary!Azariah, the priest, came in after him;Said, “Just who do you think you are?” (18)Got smitten real good with the leprosy (19)And stayed that way ’til the day he died. (21)Fool […]

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