Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Daniel Best Expectation

No worry ’bout Daniel Best; A follower of Jesus, He’s at rest! No matter what the “might ‘a’ been”; He’s up there with all our kin: Yeah, those followers of our Lord, Who, with Him, never get bored.‘T ain’t easy to press on in the WordIn a world where it seems absurdTo put your trust […]

Grammar Police Notice

“I will never not call an employee by their name” said Amy on the Carlos and Amy Show this morning (HOPE 100 on 29 Feb., 2024, cir. 9:15  a.m.). It is a common grammatical error to reference a person (employee, in this case) – singular – with the plural pronoun, “they.” Somehow “they” – the […]

Dear Romanist brethren,

Are you protesting this apostate Pope?  You do know that he blesses sodomite “marriages.”  Right?  So, what keeps you from abandoning such heresy?  And body of people, any organization, which approves heresy (perversion, apostasy, etc.) is to be abandoned. Why haven’t others in authority removed the heretic?  Are they in agreement?  Or without the gonads […]

A Border Meditation

If, as a national “body” of people, We are unwilling to protect ourselves From the infection that infuses us By the invasion of immigrants, We will, indeed, deserve the influx: The natural consequence of  negligence.But, of course, even derelictionCan be morphed into national benefit!Are we not short on workers to fillThe demands of an economy […]

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