Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

January, 2022

What is with NR?

National Review is too pure for American Revolutionaries, Civil War heroes, or anyone else standing for truth and against The American Holocaust. Would it have been okay to use some rough antics in opposition to Hitler? Think of the pro-abort Dems as just that – Hitlerians – nothing better! Best buck up, NR! No time […]

“You Might Be a Dope”

You might be a dope And just need a rope ‘Round your neck to give a scare. ‘T’s what it takes sometimes before we care ‘Bout what is right and what is good For us and our neighborhood. You might be a fool Who thinks he’s cool To do his own stupid thing And everybody’s […]

“Choice!”? Uh. . . Duh!

Isn’t New York one of those “progressive” states?  All about freedom?  Even “freedom of choice” to butcher a baby human? So what is up with face masks and the freedom wear one or not?  The gov’nor has issued a mandate – a decree, as in the good old days of Roman emperors.  Check it out […]

How to Control Those Boys!

(2 Chron. 33:11f.) How to control those boys? Got to put a ring in that nose (11) Bind ’em with bronze chains (Manasseh kind of lost his brains!) Re-established that pagan worship That King Hezekiah had destroyed; (3) Worshiped those idols to be buoyed. So he prayed to the Lord in his distress (12) Wanted […]

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