Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Defending the Defenders

Tom Condit

We have been out of touchWith a man who did muchFor us some time agoWhen we were in the throesOf oppression by Planned Parenthood,Those beasts who haunt neighborhoodsWith their provisions of abortionFilling fools with hope in the notionThat there is freedom to be foundPutting the “problem” in the ground.He came on the scene when our […]

Blowing an Abortuary

He who blows up and abortuary With or without his wife Does so without worry, pain or strife Over the question of whether he May save or injure a person. The issue is settled by the fact That the location where the Children are butchered Is no longer in tact. A simple truth forsooth. When […]

On the Next Abortionist Extirpation

Are we ready when it happens?  When God raises up a martyr who gives his live to save others, are we ready to come to his defense and urge for his vindication?  Where do we stand on the issue of terminating unwanted abortionists?  Do we defend those who abort abortionists?  Do we uphold the right […]

Treacherous “Prolifers”

8 Oct., 2020 On Those Treacherous “Prolifers” Who Condemn the Saviors On those Treacherous “Prolifers” Who Condemn the Saviors Now, let’s not get excited.  Nothing blasphemous here.  I mean savior with a small “s.”  It is capitalized above part of the title.  It references ne who saves babies from being butchered by means of direct, […]

Fans of Freedom

“Freedom!” declared William Wallace in that glorious film, “Braveheart” – starring Mel Gibson – as he died refusing to renounce the cause of the Scottish in pursuit of relief from the tyranny of the English.  (Yes, in this wicked world somebody is always abusing someone else.  In our time it’s ex utero folks killing in […]

Provision for the Slaying

. . . Of the Unwanted Abortionist 5 Oct., 2020 Bad economy? Tough times? Check out the moral state of the Union. The shedding innocent blood is not a good recipe for divine favor. Many who don’t care about those yet in the womb, but selfishly consider their own well-being as a citizen of a […]

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