Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Defending the Defenders

Stormy Weather for Donald Trump and the Nation

Stephanie Clifford, a.k.a. Stormy Daniels, may or may not be telling the truth about Trump affair.  But what is the point and what her purpose?  Is she a stinking Democrat?  A resentful pro-abort?  What is in this for her?   Is she conniving to keep him out of office?  Is she angry  because didn’t get to be […]

Onward Weak or Strong

Stick with the straight and  narrow Flying along like a target arrow. Got that destiny in front; No swerving left or right, Falling into the din or the night;Got that light to guide your fight.That energy will not go to wasteAnd by His Spirit you’ll keep the pace.Head up strong and marching on;Serve Him feeling […]

Advice to Those on Trial Now and in Future

By Cathy Ramey I belong to the “Billion-Dollar-Club” along with about a dozen other people inaugurated as such in 1995 when we were served with a lawsuit filed against us by Planned Parenthood, Int’l, a handful of abortionists and one of PP’s affiliates in Oregon where they wanted to stage the trial. They wanted that […]

Slandering Liar! (Joel Abrams)

https://theconversation.com/the-capitol-siege-recalls-past-acts-of-christian-nationalist-violence-153059 Joel Abrams says Paul Hill was a follower of “Christian Identity” (an anti-Trinitarian, heretical organization). Liar! Paul Hill was an orthodox, Trinity-worshiping Christian! He stood against those who slaughter womb-children and – as a man – defended them from decadent, murderous, “pro-choice” perverts.

What Is a “Provider”?

What is a “provider”? One man’s “provider” may be another man’s “abuser”!  (Or murderer!) A man who steals from a farm and gives the stolen goods to a poor “immigrant” (or invader), might be called a “provider” by some and a “thief” by others. So the sinister (and, indeed, demonic) use of the term to […]

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