Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Defending the Defenders

Judge Mark Scuri

Well Judge Mark Scuri was a fag And had to a job to do in the court. Problem was he liked to support Those folks who wanted to abort Those babies secure in the womb. Didn’t bother him to put ’em in a tomb; He was regular liberal pro-aborter. Could not have been much shorter […]

Why Do the Heathen Rage?

(I know it is not the Christmas season, but . . .) The same question might be asked about Christians or “conservatives” when they are found complaining about 1) Critical Race Theory or 2) child slaughter (a.k.a. abortion or “reproductive health”(!)).  Why do these strange Bible-thumpers object to such freedoms?  Why is “whitey” – the […]

On Anarchy and General Disrespect of the Police

A convicted “clinic bomber,” arrested by police and jailed for 46 months and ten days, I have never held the police in disdain.  I believe they do their job as men who, deployed by higher authorities, must obey all LAWFUL commands.  And even when they, under the command of those in darkness and in ignorance […]


(National Association of Abortion Clinic Bombers) To be read orally with classic rap rhythm: Refrain: So bring it NAACBStick to ’em one, two, three Verse 1 It’s a national association Takin’ up a brand new station Fellowship for the “clinic” bomber Opposing defeat and the somber. Time to come out of the sleep, Following the […]

All Hail Father Larry Swink

Hail to Father Larry Swink! The libs want to dump him in the drink. It’s at Archbishop Neale School Where he calls out the sinner and the fool, Teaches students the Right from the Wrong; Doesn’t sing the popular song. Yeah, way over in Maryland They want to play with the popular band; Want to […]

Brockhoeft, Beseda, and Bray

Brockhoeft, Beseda and Bray A trio who had their own way. Each had his very own day In the light when the feds came down. Caught ’em after chasin’ ’em around. Well, you could call them the Triple Bs Setting “clinics” on fire to save babies. Call them whatever you choose; They got nothin’ to […]

Imprecation Meditation

Pin a medal on his chest! He couldn’t wait for an arrest Had to terminate the killer now. Couldn’t wait for a “decision,” SCOTUS and all their bogus, Had to get right to the issue. More than just a matter of tissue. Took a knife to that butcher, Couldn’t wait another hour! Had it all […]

The Gathering

Celebrating champions for life, We come together to remember And promote that action which saves The lives of the innocents begotten Under cover of a woman’s choice. Yes, we rally to remember and celebrate Knowing that for each is assigned a date When he will meet with that fate Planned for every sinner of every […]

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