Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Sanctity of Human Beings

Murder and “Kill”

Abortion was a product Of the mindless “sex revolution.” What was the “revolution” about?The rejection of sexual integrity:The sanctity of human life as thatWhich is not an animal but a creatureCreated, uniquely, in the very image of God.Human beings have a standing unlikeAny other creation of the Almighty.Humans bear His “image” – likeness.How are humans […]

Support Women’s Rights!

I support women’s rights! Got nine daughters and want The very best for them! No opportunities denied; Go to any college and get Any job, marry any (good) man!But, of course, they got no rightTo do wrong – well duh!Is that really so difficult?How does someone put baby-murderIn the category of women’s rights?!?!?What’s up with […]

Church Unity?

Where is the unity of the churches well displayed? Where but at the “crisis pregnancy centers” throughout the country?  Those places which aid women who are carrying an unwanted or inconvenient child in the womb. When the real issues of truth and justice appear, the Churches of God – of all denominations – are in […]


Naw!!!  Stop all this gymnastic, linguistic bullshit!  You can say “mailman” or “chairman” or “policeman” or “serviceman” or reference plenty of other tradesmen and indicate a woman in that position!  One need not get one’s knickers in a knot over the “man” terminology as if mankind excluded women folk!  Don’t be maniacal! Man up and […]

Human Rights!

The right to stand before God Above all other creatures – made by Him.As holy beings made in His very image,We will answer to Him as honorable,Responsible, accountable persons;And we will be found not only wantingBut damned forever, separated from Him. Deal with that before making any demandsOf Him Who has the right to beat the […]

Children Are a Blessing

Children are a blessing Coming down from above. (Can’t think of one thatWe didn’t love!)Got to keep ’em comingIf He keeps on giving!Which of His giftsDon’t you want?What have you got to flaunt In this world anyway?Wealth?  Prestige?  Ease? Position? Just what is your supposition? Believe what is said in His Word? Well those cahonies […]

My Pillow!

O my pillows of old! Just get me one with some feathers! Don’t want all that fake puffy stuff; Just some feathers, that’s enough! You know those birds got a purpose; We pluck those feathers And put ’em in a bag; Yeah, all that work may be a drag, But a natural medicine for the […]

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