Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Sanctity of Human Beings

On Capacity for Salacity

Our capacity for salacity Is beyond what one may imagine, And to our chagrin It does not end But begins anew rightIn our hearts, Wicked in every new day. O that sin within Every day rises up to begin Another assault upon our souls, On friends and foe taking tolls! And what of it shall […]

“Oureia Ekbole”

That would be the transliteration of the expression which references “children exposed on the mountains” according to Euripedes as noted in my Greek-English Lexicon (Liddell and Scott, 7th edition).  One finds this information when looking up the single word “ekbole” which means 1) “a throwing” and 2) “ejectment, banishing the cargo overboard.”  It is not […]

No Disfigured Face, Hunched Back

Or Crushed Testicles Allowed! (11 August, 2020 meditation on my prescribed morning reading:  Lev. 21:20) That is the word from Moses on physical qualifications for service in the ceremonies for cleansing unto holiness.   Now the first two would be off-putting to the participants in public religious procedures.  An ugly face and sloppy posture might well […]

Waitin’ on the Court?

O my! What’s the matter? Everybody’s sittin and listenin’ to chatter Nobody shootin’ Everybody tootin’ ’bout the good President we have! And yes and he’s good no doubt And he’s got lots of GOP clout But there is still much more to be done. Can’t sit on our laurels. Got to get on with our […]

Bored and Abhorred

If you don’t want to be abhorred By the Lord Don’t be bored Doing nothing to stop the hordes From taking up swords Against the innocent ones Who don’t get the fun Of life on God’s earth Denied that birth And their imago Dei worth. Oh what a curse Upon those who first Lifted their […]


You might like to have sex With homos, dogs, cats, and rats But it’s not good for the hood. The judgment comes down And flows all around And drowns The life of folks who Want to live And to give Back to God Who made them To honor and obey Him all day In every […]

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