Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Sanctity of Human Beings

“Mr. Britling Sees It Through”

‘Twas authored by H.G. Wells and published in 1916.  World War I had begun.  Of that war, Mr. Britling says: This is the biggest thing in history, that we are called upon to do our utmost to resist this tremendous attack upon peace and freedom of the world.  Well, doing our utmost does not mean […]

An “Opinion” Is Not Always To Be Respected

We have, in our culture, an undefined standard of toleration for “opinions.”  We use the word almost as a thing sacred, to be respected and deferred to whenever the invocation of the word is heard by disputants. When “Well, that is my opinion!” is asserted, we back off from any assertiveness, lest we be construed […]

The Courting Is Cool

The courting is cool But look out for the woo! Take stock and beware. Monitor your actions and dare Not to fall into an affair Where you give not a care For what is right and stare At one another most sillily, Losing your wits and sensibility Along with all ability To keep hold of […]

The Boastful Fool

Pity the woman in such desperation As to kill her very own child, That gift from heaven above Wrought by God in that womb with love. But may God damn the killer, That abortionist – a truth contortionist, Who tells her, “It’s all about choice!” And boasts of giving her freedom a voice. He’s a […]

Brockhoeft, Beseda, and Bray

Brockhoeft, Beseda and Bray A trio who had their own way. Each had his very own day In the light when the feds came down. Caught ’em after chasin’ ’em around. Well, you could call them the Triple Bs Setting “clinics” on fire to save babies. Call them whatever you choose; They got nothin’ to […]

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