Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Sanctity of Human Beings

A Slice of the Joy

What to do about those babies dyin’? No standin’ aroun’ and cryin’! The likes of Beseda, Brockhoeft and Bray Say, “Hey, there ain’t no way!” When a “clinic bomber” goes to jail He’d rather be there than in hell (Not havin’ all that pain and steamin’; Plenty o’ heat and all that screamin’!) Time in […]

What’s With WGUC?

To hell with Planned Parenthood!They butcher babies in the name of “health” By the blood of children they gain wealth. They smother a voice in the name of “choice.” To hell with them and their fans! Abort THEM and their sinister plans To promote the murder of babies Treating them like a case of rabies […]

On the Reception of Children

The pics on the wall are eleven; They testify to the Lord of heaven, Who gave each one of them to us. Ours was in Him to trust As He brought them into being From our praying to our seeing. Oh we prayed not for them to come (We were happy to drink that rum); […]

WGUC and Planned Parenthood!?!

(What’s up?  Hope a blunder not repeated!) My station, WGUC Wants to “celebrate our humanity And goodness”!  O my! Well, it doesn’t take long to cry: “What are they talkin’ about any how? To decadence givin’ a bow? Have they not understood What they do at “Planned Parenthood”? (Hint: Butcher babies in your neighborhood) Yes, […]

Women’s Rights (Etc.)

Women’s rights and slave (holding) rights Are not always right! Butchering babies is just not cool; It’s the wicked practice of the fool. Nationality, race, and colors May be a matter for others, But religion is the crux. Not just a means to make bucks, But the basis for our lives Guiding husbands and wives. […]


“Sir,” they’re callin’ me! I’m gettin’ old! Or people are getting more respectful. I have never been called, “Sir” So many times as I have these past weeks, Than in all my years prior, Just walking around Wilmington, My regular routine stroll! What a greeting, most droll! “Sir” I am, just by gettin’ old. Might […]

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