Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Tolerated, Outlawed, and (finally) Shunned

            Abortion will follow the same course as slavery. 

            Mankind, sin-ridden as it is, falls into stupid, ridiculous, and (yes) wicked habits.  It is a feature of humanity since the disobedient eating of that fruit (Gen. 3:6).

            For many years, humanity was caught up in the sin of slavery.  A condition one might fall into by failure to pay one’s debt – slavery – was perverted into  race-based manstealing, a capital crime (Deut. 24:7).  But by the lie – denial of the humanity of the black man – manstealing was justified. 

            In the same way, abortion is justified by denying the humanity of the womb-child. 

            Abortion – nothing less than child murder – will go the way that slavery went in America.  It will be recognized as the crime that it is – then be despised and shunned.

1 March, 2024

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