Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

January, 2023

“Blobs of Tissue”

            “Dark blobs.”  So might  black people have been regarded by the “pale blobs” in the ante-bellum world by today’s euphemistic terminology used for the covering of evil.              Oh but today we are progressive!  We treat “blobs of tissue” equally, regardless of race!  A person can be butchered in the womb regardless of his […]

In Sin Did My Mother Conceive Me

“In sin did my mother conceive me,” says God’s word. ‘Tis, indeed, a negative affirmation of the dignity That is man’s because of the imago Dei that he bears, But take what is and affirm that divine principle. We, at conception, existed complete in our humanity!  We lack nothing to be granted all honors as […]

Lookin’ Down Upon Those Slavers?

So it is, generally, with post-bellum moderns.  But, truly, we cannot deride the slave-world of the past.  We got nothin’ on them; we are surely not less decadent.   Is not the butchery of an innocent person a greater crime than the enslavement of him?  “Modern,” “enlightened” and “civilized,” we are yet decadent sinners. How about […]

He’s Double D Edd!

1135 on 28 Jan and 0805 on 1 Feb 2023 He’s a Double-D Edd, don’t ya know; Gonna help the church to grow. Yeah, he’s a man that’s in the know; Gonna teach us how to sow -o-o- Those seeds of life for the Kingdom. Ya just got to come out and see ‘im! Ain’t […]

Face Your Demons

Face your demons and cower before them! You have no hope but in the One who defeated all. He beat the hell out of the devil as all in his tribe. He won the victory for His own, those who trust in Him. So bow down to no one but Him. He reigns above all […]

The “Blob of Tissue” Bullshit

How many were sucked into committing murder by that simple, profound, demonic LIE? What a difference a  clever lie can make!  A life and death difference! And what psychological suffering has followed from the asinine, demonic use of this expression? Oh to recall “property” as the euphemistic reference to a SLAVE!   How one can cover up […]

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