Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Lookin’ Down Upon Those Slavers?

So it is, generally, with post-bellum moderns.  But, truly, we cannot deride the slave-world of the past.  We got nothin’ on them; we are surely not less decadent.  

Is not the butchery of an innocent person a greater crime than the enslavement of him?  “Modern,” “enlightened” and “civilized,” we are yet decadent sinners.

How about those euphemistic, deceitful terms we use: “property” back then and “reproductive choice” today!

Ah, but there is forgiveness for the murderesses today as there was forgiveness of the manstealers of the past.

Human “progress” – without regard to God’s word is uncertain. 

“Equality”?  How does that fit in with our view of in utero people?   Projecting today’s terminology in reference to children in the womb, we might retrospectively view black people of the antebellum times as “dark blobs.”

But today, babies of all colors are just “blobs of tissue.”  Light or dark, we dispose of them all the same.  Equality!  (A progress of a sort.)

We don’t enslave people anymore under the principle of “property rights”; we murder people under the principle of “reproductive rights” – a lying perversion of truth and justice.

The decadence of humanity continues to display itself with plenty of evidence.   But truth lives and salvation may be availed by those who repent and follow the truth.

A.m. on 24 Jan., 2023

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