Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

He’s Double D Edd!

1135 on 28 Jan and 0805 on 1 Feb 2023

He’s a Double-D Edd, don’t ya know;
Gonna help the church to grow.
Yeah, he’s a man that’s in the know;
Gonna teach us how to sow -o-o-
Those seeds of life for the Kingdom.
Ya just got to come out and see ‘im!
Ain’t no son of Remaliah (cf. Is. 7:5)
He knows the true Messiah.
Got an E Double D down in the basement;
Said Double D Edd is down there!
Don’t have a whole lot o’ care.
We try to keep the noise down low,
Keepin’ all our movements slow.
He seems to be doin’ just fine;
(We keep him supplied with that wine.)
E Double D’s got things to do;
Gonna deliver a sermon or two.
Hope he’ll get around the neighborhood;
See if he can do some good;
Find what the church has left to do
(Preach the word; tie someone’s shoe).
He’s a Double-D Edd don’t ya know!
Gonna help the church to grow.
Livin’ down under our house
He’s quiet as a mouse!
He’s Double-D Edd don’t ya see?
He’s good to Jayne and me.
Said we’re glad to have him around
He doesn’t even make a sound!
And we like our fellowship
Sharing our Lord is a trip!
We hope he does well for the church
“Pastorless” but not in a lurch
(Got elders to rule the flock;
Don’t need a monocrat “doc”!)
Let those elders buck up and rule;
We know the Scriptures are our school.
The monarch is our Lord!
And with elders we may get bored,
But all governments will fall short
And sometimes the truth will distort.
Hang on until the very end
And be content with those He will send.
I said he’s Double D Edd
He’s not one that we dread
I say, “Wha’s up Double D?”
“What chu got, if you please?”
I’m sure he’s got things to do
Got a sermon to write or two
Plenty o’ time here to read,
Sow and water that seed.
Got to preach to folks and exhort
Tell ’em, to “be good and not abort. . .”
Might say he’s a bookish man
Maybe quite “pod-castian.”

23, 24 Jan., 2023
Re: our visiting pastor at WRC (church in Wilmington)

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