Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

October, 2021

The Biden Scandal

Dear Romanist brethren, How is it that you retain membership in a church which admits and tolerates the notorious pro-abort, pro-sodomite POTUS, known as Joe Biden?  If the bum cannot be excreted from political office for treason (promoting the slaughter of Americans in the womb and the death of Americans by the advocacy of “Sodomy […]

Asa Reforms

(2 Chron. 15) He was an ass ’til he heard That word preached by Asariah And took upon those abominable idols! He restored the altar of the Lord. (8) And rounded up Judah and Benjamin Along with Ephraim, Manaseh and Simeo. Went down south to Judah Where reform was goin’ on strong. (9) Sacrificed all […]

Stupid Court Musings

The “clinics” were burning And the people were standing around Not just watching, but fanning the flames! Yes, revival had finally come in a flood; The nation had enough of the blood Poured out in the name of liberation And ordered by court room “deliberation”: Stupid musings about “women’s rights” Bringing the Holocaust to new […]

Last Rites

(1245, 1425 on 27 Oct, 2021) You have no right to Last Rites. Such is a privilege bestowed upon The condemned by the people of God Where opportunity to convey them is provided: Prayers, confessions, and authoritative pronouncements Of forgiveness from the Almighty of all sins In the name of the Triune God. You have […]

2 Chron. 13,14

Abijah chased down Jereboam (13:19) And the Lord struck him down to death. (20) Took 14 wives and got some power, (21) Twenty-two sons and sixteen daughters! But he died and King Asa took his place (14:1) And the land was at peace for ten years ‘Cause Asa did good and right; (2) Cut down […]

2 Chron. 11 & 12

She must have felt like a privileged woman; He loved her more than all his concubines. Rehoboam loved that lady Maacah; Had a thing for that woman, uh huh! So he made Abijah the leader of the boys (22) With a plan to make him the king. Spread those boys out to all the cities […]

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