Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

2 Chron. 13,14

Abijah chased down Jereboam (13:19)
And the Lord struck him down to death. (20)
Took 14 wives and got some power, (21)
Twenty-two sons and sixteen daughters!
But he died and King Asa took his place (14:1)
And the land was at peace for ten years
‘Cause Asa did good and right; (2)
Cut down those sacred pillars and Asherim (3)
(Makes a fellow want to just scream!)
Yeah, he fortified those cities of Judah (6)
While at peace with surrounding nations,
‘Cause the Lord had given him rest; (6)
Said, “Got to build these cities with walls and towers,
Gates and bars and fancy halls! (7)
So they built those towns with wealth;
Used their wits, skills and stealth,
And the Lord gave peace on every side; (7)
And they prospered with hearts open wide.
Well, Asa had a big, grand army:
All kinds of shields, spears and bows (8)
And a whole lot of valiant warriors
With no room for compromisin’ lawyers.
So before Asa they did get routed; (12)
Those Ethiopians up and fled! (12)
Another chased them as far as Gerar, (13)
Scattered like sand and stars!
Yeah, the dread of the Lord came down. (14)
They got plundered and all despoiled; (14)
Struck down those owners of livestock now
And went back to Jerusalem town! (15)

20 Oct., 2021

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