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Author of A Time To Kill

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            What Council has displayed more unity of the Church than K-Love? The music is a pleasant feature of the day.  One can take into his spirit life-giving praise of the Triune God and edifying words of truth.             Thanks be to God for live, Jesus-praising music on Christian radio! 9 Nov., 2023

Only Love?

(Another meditation on the matter) “There’s only LO-O-O-O-VEIn the heart of God”Croons the radio singer.Song-writer needs to readThe Word again and comprehendThe fact that God HATESEvil, as is repeatedly statedIn His word, so that even those slatedWith a shortage of Biblical truthNeed not be conned or spoofedBy such nonsense heresy. 21 Oct., 2023

Wikipedia – The Distortional Recorders of History

How do they identify one who destroys places where babies are slaughtered? “At the time of his conviction he was a member of the Christian extremist terrorist organization Army of God” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Bray And how do they identify one Margaret Sanger who promoted and enabled and practices the slaughter of babies? “American birth control activist, sex educator, writer, and […]


I like WGUC Except when they talk about PP, Those killers of the babies. Sick, indeed, is any station Promoting such a situation As a woman or a man Calling for the death of his child Like some beast in the wild With no sense for what is right Blind to the God of day […]

The 90-Second Fool

In his Godless account of creation which is regularly pronounced on my otherwise enjoyable classical radio station (WGUC), Thane Maynard babbles his buffoonery about the origin and evolution of animals (i.e. creatures).   Like some gnostic making claims to special insider information on the origins of the world, he talks about what happen x-many millions of […]

Not a “Homophobe”

Re: https://www.thoughtco.com/why-some-conservatives-oppose-gay-marriage-3303437 Nope.  Not afraid of  ’em.  Never thought sodomy was a good idea.  Never found it appealing, must less the right thing to do.  But more important than my sentiments are God’s opinions, sentiments, and His Declaration.  Indeed, it is not “my opinion” on which I rest my case and mind-set and orientation.  It […]

“Christianity Today” Astray

To Hell with Christianity Today, the apostate magazine!  It has, over the years, strayed off the path and have become a tool of the enemy rather than a light for the nation.  For many years the magazine has been essentially absent from THE battle of our time: abortion.  Never do they report on the Christians […]

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