Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Movie Idea! (Free!)

So. Here it is. No obligation. It is anyone’s for the taking and producing. Go for it!

A wayward son, Will Tellis, comes to his senses after much incontinent revelry.   Having squandered his parents’ wealth and caused them many-a pain, he gets his head on straight.  (An answer to prayers!)  Then, he decides to go whole-hog straight and take up that cause most precious to his parents – abortion. On a whim (divine inspiration, we might suppose), he blows up all the abortuaries within his county and is on the run when discovery is made by police of his identity as “the bomber.” 

News reports feature pleas from the authorities for assistance is breaking the case.   Discussion is brief among the Pro-life community.  Conclusion is to collude with the police!  “Law and order” must be upheld.

Will, tracking the news as he conceals his identity and hides out in various places, is sorely disappointed by the condemnation his deeds are receiving from all the otherwise-pious church folks and the anti-abortionists found generally among them.  He is dumbfounded and wonders about his own motives for his action. Was he wrong?  Proud?  Deceived?  Did he waste opportunity?  Did he throw a new start on life away? 

Isolated and lonely in hiding, he grows weary in wondering about his fate.   Finally, he decides to start anew –  another place, another name. 

He ends up in Argentina, way down at the southern most region, where he meets the descendants of other refugees from past:  the great, great grandchildren of Nazis.  These are of a devout Christian mind, living together in a town where the Ten Commandments are law and the statutes are enforced with Deuteronomic accuracy.  Murderers and adulterers are executed. Thieves are not incarcerated or mutilated, but compelled to pay back double their spoils.

The economies, meanwhile, of the West fall with depression-era magnitude.  Will’s skills in developing small community order come into play.  He sends envoys from his colony to the devastated nations to restore order.   He knows how to build a just society. 

MBray, 6 August, 2020

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