Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Corona Blessing: The Almighty Brings Parents to Maturity

4 Aug., 2020

For some, the virus has served to compel improvements in parenting.  Careers cans serve as an escape from the duty to “parent,” to “rear,” – indeed to “disciple” one’s children.  Parenting is a labor that some, to their discredit, are happy to circumvent or attenuate.  Careers sometimes provide a relief from that laborious task. 

But it is a duty, nevertheless,  ordained by God and one which serves not only the children who are being trained, but the trainers, who, as sinners, are themselves ever undergoing their own personal sanctification.  “Iron sharpens iron” as the saying goes.  And some iron from one’s own loins is about as warm and friendly as it gets – or should be.

Many-a parent, I do believe, finds a way to circumvent this experience in pursuit of career and money (played off as a necessity for necessary income).  But no income, really, is worth the discipline and the instruction given by a parent who is “sharing time” with his child.

Truly, it is an opportunity to share time together, to inter-act with one another, to have fellowship even in the midst of a didactic setting.  Yes, the parent is to instruct in and model right living,  But he also experiences growth in his own spiritual maturation.  From the time a mother learns the pain of carrying a child inside her body and  expelling him into the world until the time he goes off to marriage or travel or career that mother has her life in the endless company of her offspring.

But she learns, indeed, that it is not all about her.  Life is about giving the same to others: producing others and serving them.    This path is the way of God, who made us, refused to destroy us when we betrayed him, became one of us, died for all the human race, and continues to provide for His rebels throughout the world.

And those rebels continue to wander in their rebellion from generation to generation and nation to nation.

But the virus is one of those tools the Almighty’s uses just as He has in past times: plagues and wars and droughts and storms and famines of the past.  He says, “Wake up!  Give me the honor and the worship that is due.  Death awaits all and then judgment.  Wake up, do your duty.  Repent and be at peace.”

So gain some benefits from the Corona Virus spanking.  Grow up and live with the knowledge that the ultimate goal in life is to bring glory to Him, especially through that Community of Saints, the Church: evangelism and service.  In all that you do, avoid sin, serve the brethren, and serve others outside the Community of Saints with the high goal of bringing honor to Him and some into the fold.   

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