Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

State of the Union Redux

The following was my meditation indited on 3 Feb., 2020:

Post State-of-the-Union-Address Meditation

That those in darkness would come into the Light, O Lord!  We pray for you to open the eyes of abortionists, sodomites, Godless hippies, Democrats, and any dopey GOPers who have not embraced the most important principle of the GOP –  the defense of the innocents in the womb.   And for those GOPers who remain indifferent to the crime of sodomy, we pray that their eyes be opened or that their asses get kicked out of the party as the leadership girds up its loosed loins.

Freedom, life, and liberty for those littlest of all, yet in their mothers’ wombs.

In the name of our Lord Jesus, Amen

So what is new today, 3 August, 2020 – a full six months thence?

Nothing.  We press on faithfully with the same prayers and hopes.  The Law of God has not changed.  Truth and Justice are still defined by God’s very Word.  Babies, contrary to Law and Justice, are being butchered under the cover of “law.”

The Union does tread dangerously in its unabated slaughtering of innocent ones and its continued toleration of, albeit in submission to, Lawless decrees from SCOTUS, e.g., Tne Supremes’ decree to “legalize” sodomy. 

Would that those singing Supremes would put SCOTUS in its place! That smooth Diana Ross “music” would be a vast improvement over their decadent decisions. “Stop in the name of love!” At least they would not assault us with death decrees, under the cover of “legal opinions,” which are put forth – and respected (!) by a duped people as if the immoral “opinions” (indeed!) conveyed law and justice!

What to do?  Never has there been a greater cause for revolution.  But how, when, and where?  And will the anarchists win such a revolution?  Or will those who advocate for Justice, defined by the Law of God, prevail? When will they gird up those sagging loins and go to war?

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