Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

January, 2021

Joe Biden. Anathema!

29 Jan., 2021 Mercy us! If Biden is truly that man that We the People elected, then we are all in deep shit.  To be more rhetorically and theologically kosher: we are doomed as nation.  Biden is a flagrant, apostate, pro-abort, fake Christian.  He advocates for the continued slaughtering of babies (under the renegade court […]

Relief From the Devil’s Spell

How easy it is to point That finger at our fathers And rail about their slavery And all that segregation While we sit about in ease Seeking only ourselves to please Sucking up our comfort and wealth While the blood of innocents flows. We click those keys for the “net” And get our news while […]

Clean Nemo!

(Jayne’s name for our bathroom) If I had a life To live again And could pick a wife, It would be Jayne. She is the Queen of Loyalty A virtue in value beyond royalty. She was ever there to bear The weight of troubles and trials, And the children she reared To the Right well […]

All Hail Jael!

(Sisera, terminated, Judges 4) He was the commander of King Jabin’s army (king of Canaan).  He ruled with 900 chariots in Canaan oppressing the Israelites for twenty years.  In such appalling conditions, a woman, Deborah, was raised up as a prophetess to lead Israel.  Her place of administration was the shade of a palm tree […]

Shamgar Delivers

Shamgar struck 600 with an ox goad; Down went those nasty Philistines. But Israel just couldn’t get it right And did evil again after Ehud died. So the Lord turned ’em over to King Jabin. Had a commander Sisera with 900 men. With chariots they bugged Israel 20 years, But Deborah became Israel’s boss And […]

The Routine

Scriptures Poetry Lexicon News and my commentary Letters to prisoners Essays to the website A lot of work for a failing brain To put those thoughts to words! Nothin’ to it but to do it, Got to get those inklings down. Might be somethin’ for someone! You can “like” it or not; It’s more than […]

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