Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Joe Biden. Anathema!

29 Jan., 2021

Mercy us!

If Biden is truly that man that We the People elected, then we are all in deep shit.  To be more rhetorically and theologically kosher: we are doomed as nation. 

Biden is a flagrant, apostate, pro-abort, fake Christian.  He advocates for the continued slaughtering of babies (under the renegade court edict known as Roe v. Wade).  He is neither to be honored, respected, nor obeyed. 

The more that time goes on and the reality of abortion sinks into our think national skull and is clearly understood by a people who claim to know God’s Word but continue to defy Him, the more assured is the judgment from God upon such a nation to fall.

Regardless, the task ahead is to renounce POTUS Joe Biden as one would a Nazi or a Klansman, had one of such surreptitiously come to power and been exposed.

Let Joe Biden be proclaimed to be exactly what his is – a Hitler, a Jew (Baby! Same oppressed thing!  A human) killer!  An apostate whom the Roman church has miserably failed to excommunicate!

There is no excuse for submitting to him and his decrees.  He is illegitimate because he is morally disqualified.

Defy tyrants!

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