Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Civil Disobedience

A Nasty Crime Was Roe, Don’t Ya Know!

A nasty crime is abortion For which doctors are paid! Bray v. AlexandriaGave the middle fingerTo Roe v. Wade.What sick puppies to tolerateSuch anti-baby hate!So, you wonder at slavery tolerationWhile you  kill babies And call it liberationOf  women in the name of “choice”And give the baby no voice?!Onward to revivalOf a fallen people in the land(Yeah! […]

A People “Under God”!

The nation belongs “under God.” So when it is obscured by the fog And its glory is sullied and paled, Its righteous ones scorned and jailed, Ours is to call it back to its origin: A people “indivisible” and “under God”!Maintain the truth for the next generation;You have children inheriting your nation.What will it be […]

The American People!?

What Kind Are They? What kind of a people would put up with the slaughter of babies for decades? The American People!  No.  Got no grounds for national pride.  No way but the humble way.  Lay yourselves before God and cry out for mercy! Then  get up and do the right thing.   Shut those damned […]

Jayne Endured

Sire of twelve and mothered eleven. (Anastasia died and went to heaven. In the womb she passed away, But we will see her on that day When we join with her and the redeemed After passing through many rough streams.) Jayne endured through many-a trial, Aware that she was bought by His blood. She pressed […]

Goin’ With That Majority!

So, here is how NPR and most common-brained Americans seem to think and speak:  “Well, duh, whatever the majority wants is right!” Several polls from the last few years show that a majority of Americans do not support banning abortion. For example a recent poll from ABC/Washington Post shows that 54% think Roe v. Wade should be upheld and only […]

Rescue the Oppressed . . .

“Eye hath not seen, Nor ear heard, Neither hath in entered The heart of man What God hath prepared.” So don’t bother to wonder! Just do what He says: Feed the poor, Clothe the naked,, Rescue the oppressed. Justice shall you do Until your days are through. Simple enough; get tough. 8 Feb early p.m.

Abortion, the Bastard Child of “Women’s Rights”

In the days before Roe, the great triumph over evil in America was that achieved by Martin Luther King.  Segregation, the heir of slavery, was defeated by one who opposed that evil head on.  The new evil which still abides across the land, despite the overturning of the satanic Roe v. Wade “opinion,” is the […]

A Christian Must Go

The blood flows and flows through the bodyAnd it carries the energy needed to nourishAnd sustain arms, legs, and brainLest we go insane and fade awayBefore the break of another day.Ours is to look way past basic biologyAnd delve into that Biblical theology. A Christian must go whithersoever God leads him!Whitherward I went, to what […]

A Government that Needs a Good Over-throwing

There is a problem with the current government.  It is derelict.  It is unfit.  It needs to be overthrown. At least 98 Catholic churches and 77 pregnancy resource centers and other pro-life organizations have been attacked since May, but the DOJ has apparently not charged a single person in connection with these attacks. Meanwhile, the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division has […]

Vote!  Or . . .

Vote with your hands, feet, gas, and matches; It’s the fast way to save those babies; Most effective and refreshing too. It shows there’s a way to get ‘er done When others want to sit on their thumbs. Take a load off your mind and get out o’ that bind. You don’t need to just […]

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