Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Civil Disobedience

On the Resistance to the Advancement of Sodomy (Kentucky)

Michael Bray 8  September 2015 Since we have embarrassed God –  no, slighted Him –  no, offended Him  by our selfish stupidity, observable among all the peoples – we have a big problem. We have tolerated rather than prosecuted the practice of sexual perversion.  Now, we who have refused to oppose evil will ourselves be opposed […]

Kim Davis, Unwanted Witness to the Truth

A brief commentary is offered by  David French, September 3, 2015, in National Review: Kentucky federal judge David Bunning has ordered Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to jail, holding her in contempt of court for failing to affix her signature to gay-marriage licenses. Here’s Judge Bunning justifying his decision: “The court cannot condone the willful […]

Two Sides of Abortion Issue Debated – 1985

Bray and coffin 1985-mag-125 In the link above a report on a debate between Dave Coffin of Prison fellowship and Bray appears in the Prince George’s Journal (April 22, 1985).  The issue is that very basic one which forever eludes most who concern themselves with answering questions about he legitimacy of defending innocent babies (of […]

Austria in Wilmington

Michael Bray 22 November 2006 Austria in Wilmington Following the announcement in the Wilmington News Journal (22 September) of the coming of the Von Trapps to the Murphy Theater in April 2007, I determined to read the book written by the eldest daughter of Capt. Georg Von Trapp (whose image was portrayed in the countenance […]