Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Civil Disobedience

The Land is Bereft!

Oh, the land these days is bereft Of the sound of bullets left In the flesh of those butcherers Who slaughter those innocent infants! Let that bang again be heard Putting an end the absurd, Legalized murder of the helpless; Make a rope for them a necklace Who practice murder with liberty Bringing blood-guilt on […]

Something is Going On

https://www.lifenews.com/2022/06/13/abortion-activists-firebomb-another-pro-life-pregnancy-center-fourth-bombing-in-weeks/ We, the people of God, did not do what we could have done to shut down the abortuaries in this country.  Yes, as no other institution, we provided what were called “crisis pregnancy centers” – now “women’s centers” – or the like.  These alternative “choices” provided women with assistance in changing their minds about […]

The (Revived) BATF

(Bomb Abortuary Training & Fellowship) Bomb abortuaries and get a lift; Rise above the dearth and drift. Get a high by and by; Do your duty before you die. Serve the least wherever they are. No need for you to go far; Take a look in your neighborhood! In the winter you may be choppin’ […]

COVID and Assembly Forsaking

Give up that holy kiss; COVID rules, don’t ya know! The Church got to go on hold; Those gates of hell must prevail! The will of the virus be done; Forget the words of the Son!Hallowed be the name of the CDC; On the Word of God we’ll pee! 0915 on 25 April, 2022

FACE Violators (May the Lord Bless them.)

FBI Arrests 9 Pro-Life Advocates for Saving Babies at Late-Term Abortion Clinic The federal government accused nine pro-life advocates of civil rights violations Wednesday for allegedly blocking the entrance to a late-term abortion facility in Washington, D.C. in an attempt to save babies’ lives. The FBI arrested pro-life advocate Lauren Handy, director of activism for […]

Ukraine, Russia, US, and Secession Issues

All this rah, rah for Ukraine is curious.  What if Ohio does not want to abide under SCOTUS decrees (which cancel law and justice allow for the murder of babies in the womb)?  May we secede and have the support of those same people who support Russia?  (Ohio might start with a decree that frees […]

Dems, No Better than Jew-killing Nazis

Cruel?  Radical?  Crazy? What kind of an opinion is that?!?!?! Depends up whether you really believe that babies in the womb are people and that the Dems favor the slaughter of people.  If such is really the case, then Dems are no better than Jew-killing Nazis.  Simple! Did Nazis get away with slaughtering Jews by […]

Abort the Court!

Yes, the Court ruled athwart Allowing mothers to abortThe very gift God had given To enrich their daily living! O foolish men in robes Freeing women by the droves To butcher babies on a whim Even simply to stay trim! But justice will come soon And over every nation looms! What answer will you give? […]

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