Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Civil Disobedience


How free? Are you free to save babies?   Or does SCOTUS BS prevent you from carrying out that simple, basic duty?  Are you ruled by the “opinions” of men in black robes who fancy themselves tyrannical proclaimers of decrees?  Do you make their dreams real by you base submission? Why remain in bondage stupid, wicked […]

Election Fraud and Revolution

One ought not use “election fraud” as a justification for revolution. That would be a relatively weak excuse. https://www.nationalreview.com/2022/01/seditious-conspiracy-is-the-wrong-charge-in-the-capitol-riot-prosecutions/ A revolution is a serious issue – lots of dead folks.  Got to have a good reason to call for such a price.  What is gained in return? In the American Revolution, it was voting rights (Wow.  […]

The Trump-supporting DC Rioters

The acquisition of some perspective allows one an easy defense for those who tore up Washington in protest of the Biden victory and election to the office of POTUS.¬† Hippies acting up in the Sixties in¬†protest to the Viet Nam war had far lesser grounds for their rioting than do those who protested the election […]


There is a great dearth of writings in support of Lethal Strategy of Defense (LSD) ministry for the protection  of the many womb children from the daily murders which occur in the USA and around the world.   (Let us simplify communication by employing the term LSD to represent the principles and phenomena.)  Lethal strategies of […]

Greater Cause for Civil War Now

Greater cause for a civil war now With abortion clinic crimes Than there was for the War Between the states in former times. Blood flowin’ down the drains of “clinics”! “Families of size are the work of cynics” “Fools want to flood the population!” “Surplus people! Got to kill ’em!” “Got to force some sterilization!” […]

Biden, Not Hilarious, But Hitlerian

How is Biden not like Hitler? There are many ways.  Biden is not a monarch, as was Hitler.  Biden does wield the power legislate or to govern the courts.  It is his disdain for the Law of God that he and Hitler have in common. In that Law we are informed of the presence of […]

Ah, The Old Time Encounters With Pro-abort Reporters

Tamara Jones reported in an article titled “The Children’s Crusade” in the Washington Post way back in 1999 on some comments from the perverse perspective of pro-abort Vicki Saporta as follows: She remembers seeing Michael Bray and his teenage son on the evening news last year responding to the bombing of a Birmingham clinic that […]


(National Association of Abortion Clinic Bombers) To be read orally with classic rap rhythm: Refrain: So bring it NAACBStick to ’em one, two, three Verse 1 It’s a national association Takin’ up a brand new station Fellowship for the “clinic” bomber Opposing defeat and the somber. Time to come out of the sleep, Following the […]

My Man, Jack Phillips

https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/06/the-crusade-to-destroy-jack-phillips-continues/ My man, Jack Phillips, wouldn’t bake that cake Wouldn’t back that cake for those fags; Blasphemers wanted to defile marriage. Wanted him to bless that sodomites carnage; Make ’em a nice wedding cake all glorious To make blasphemy respectably notorious. That’s all it is is just meat; Two men grindin’ away like dogs in […]

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