Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Civil Disobedience


(National Association of Abortion Clinic Bombers) To be read orally with classic rap rhythm: Refrain: So bring it NAACBStick to ’em one, two, three Verse 1 It’s a national association Takin’ up a brand new station Fellowship for the “clinic” bomber Opposing defeat and the somber. Time to come out of the sleep, Following the […]

My Man, Jack Phillips

https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/06/the-crusade-to-destroy-jack-phillips-continues/ My man, Jack Phillips, wouldn’t bake that cake Wouldn’t back that cake for those fags; Blasphemers wanted to defile marriage. Wanted him to bless that sodomites carnage; Make ’em a nice wedding cake all glorious To make blasphemy respectably notorious. That’s all it is is just meat; Two men grindin’ away like dogs in […]

Kick Oregon Out of the Union!

The state is a disgrace!  In the name of freedom of speech they tolerate demonic anarchy!  Yeah!  And all proceeding from a cowering toleration of rioting punks who claim to be honoring a derelict chump named George Floyd!  The state leaders are wholly inept! Incompetent! Disloyal!  Failures!  Kick them out and let the rest of […]

Science, Worship, and Mask Mandates

What happened to “The Assembly” where the Sacrament is dispersed among the people of God and life is conveyed to the followers of Christ (the redeemed, the elect, the holy ones)?  Is there real life conveyed in that gathering where the Body and the Blood are shared among the redeemed?  Or is the Sacrament just […]

Nationalism and Abortion Intolerance

Nationalism, like family, is a principle, and a good, worth promoting and defending.  Both are blessings from God.  He ordained these social organizations.  And, yes, they change as people relocate or die.  The boundaries of nations also change from time to time. And so do the boundaries of families when new associations are formed in […]

Stop the Harm

Let us not fail To respond to the call Upon every follower of Christ To defend the innocents. No abortuary may stand In the land where Christians band Together to worship the King Who rules the earth and all nations. There is no excuse To tolerate the abuse Of innocents in the womb Send bloody […]

Tellin’ It Like It Is

The vast majority of Trump supporters Are those who affirm right over wrong. And surely it is not the majority of citizenryWhich always gets it right! The anti-abort GOP has to fight, No matter their numbers, And they need not submit to perverted Democrats just because the advocates Of evil are greater in power. Justice […]

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