Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Civil Disobedience

Euphemistic Lies and Deceit

Slavery was trumpeted by those who advocated for it under the guise of “property rights” Child-slaughter by abortion was trumpeted by those who advocate for it under guise of“women’s rights.” When do we get past falling for such heresy (bullshit – for the common man) ?   Observe the truth and act accordingly! Oh, the stupidity […]

You Can Choose Whatever Road You Choose, But . . .

While you’re choosin’ whatever road you choose, I won’t interfere unless you are doing harm To another innocent who can’t protect himself. Might want to kill that baby in your womb; I’m not lettin’ him go to that tomb, No matter that you think it your “choice.” And just because that little one has no […]

Christian Radio Babble

“He treated everyone with love and respect,” says some goofball about Jesus on my Christian radio station.  What?!?  Where did you get that notion?  That false teaching?!?!?!? Fool!  Do I need to give a bunch of quotes from Him as He cussed out the Pharisees and tore up the temple? Read your Bible  before you […]

Non-violence!  It Is Our Tradition!

Well, that is fine when your are talking about achieving racial equality or the right of a woman to vote or hold office.  But when you are talking about freeing those who have been enslaved by racial manstealing and trading of black people or when you are talking about the murder of womb-children, tradition may, […]

Christian Cop Arrests an Anti-abort Rescuer

            “Sorry to have to arrest you, friend.”             “No problem!  I know you got to do your job.  If not you, someone else would do it.  What is coming down is coming down.”             “Well, nevertheless, I am sorry that I have to be the one, in the moment, doing this nasty job of […]

Grave Robber!

He takes action, subjecting himself, dangerously, to the possibility of capture and punishment.  So did the Savior.  He took action, entering a world given over the Devil; a world full of disgusting sinners – even who would reject His efforts to save their disgusting souls. So does the “clinic bomber” who delivers babies from violent […]

Justice Shall You Do!

Yes, and do it you must or be damned.  How many sat around while Roe was spreading innocent blood across the country? How many people drove past an abortuary on their way to church? How many watched slaves being sold to industrious (or greedy) farmers trying to “get ahead” of their competitors? Yes, the sin […]


Screw SCOTUS: Tyrants in robes Who scorn the Law of God! They splattered the land With the blood of Roe Undoing the laws of the land!How do the people bowTo tyrants like a yoked cow?The Law was given by GodTo Moses and the prophets;There is no other standard.NO COURT overrules the Law of God.For peace […]

Hmm.  The Pharisee Lives On

Somehow it’s acceptable to be a missionary For the rescue of souls in Mongolia, But not cool to be a missionary for theRescue of souls and bodies of babies right in America.Never did make much sense to me when ChurchmenShunned folks who delivered babies from deathAt the hands of a “provider” of butchered babiesBy effective […]

A Nasty Crime Was Roe, Don’t Ya Know!

A nasty crime is abortion For which doctors are paid! Bray v. AlexandriaGave the middle fingerTo Roe v. Wade.What sick puppies to tolerateSuch anti-baby hate!So, you wonder at slavery tolerationWhile you  kill babies And call it liberationOf  women in the name of “choice”And give the baby no voice?!Onward to revivalOf a fallen people in the land(Yeah! […]

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