Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Euphemistic Lies and Deceit

Slavery was trumpeted by those who advocated for it under the guise of “property rights”

Child-slaughter by abortion was trumpeted by those who advocate for it under guise of
“women’s rights.”

When do we get past falling for such heresy (bullshit – for the common man) ?  

Observe the truth and act accordingly!

Oh, the stupidity of mankind!   FALLEN, indeed, just as the Scriptures say!

SIN (blindness, stupidity, stubbornness, wickedness) continues to afflict the world through humanity

The way to fix it is for persons (and governments) to BOW to Jesus, God and Savior, and to the Law He gave us.

There is a standard for true justice.  Not SCOTUS, not the Constitution.   It is His revealed Word: the Scriptures.  Let the Courts, the Congress, the Legislature bow to the Truth.

29 Feb., 2024

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