Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Apostasy Cowardice or Buffoonery

Jeshurun’s Scorn

Jeshurun did scorn The Rock of his salvation, Made the Lord mad with abomination. Yeah, they did spurn and provoke And the Almighty said no joke “You blokes are done Gonna send you on a run, A perverse and faithless generation, A God-provoking, foolish nation.” Got a fire going in His anger Famine and plagues […]

A Grave Decision

The decision to terminate An unwanted abortionist Is a grave one, indeed!  Think of the wife of the murdererWho thought the man she married A doctor and not a butcher Of those babies and then surely Suffering from the trauma And discovering the truth And is in need of therapy And deliverance happilyFrom the mess […]

There Is a Way

There is a way, they sayTo live your life on your own.You do whatever you wishLook what you like Make your own dish, “Follow your heart” and be free From any constrain of society. But when it’s all said and done And you have pursued your fun, You’ll find yourself on the run When death […]

A Fagdom We’ve Become

A “fagdom” we’ve becomeMy! We’re on the run!Don’t care about His lawOr fear His mighty mawHow He could blow us offAs easy as a cough.Doesn’t need a one of us!He’s glorious and holy.Everyone knows His storyCame down from aboveAnd showed all that love,Obeyed the BossGave back moreThan what we’d lost,Life eternal from the Cross. 15 […]

What’s Up Raphael?

Re: https://www.lifenews.com/2020/12/10/alveda-king-slams-pro-abortion-pastor-raphael-warnock-i-wish-he-would-read-the-bible/ What’s Up Raphael? Gettin’ already to go to Hell? Got no other place to go Long as you want to throw Those babies down the drain. Oh you gonna have some pain When you go down below Where ain’t no snow To cool you off when that fire Is burning, you won’t be […]

Democrats Are Blind

Democrats are blindAnd quite behindIn their thinkingOf what is true.And we do rueThe depth of our fallSwallowing allThe buffoonery of LawlessLife without God.What a fraud‘Tis by those who insistThat the world justHappened to be,Never createdBut somehow slatedTo hold such orderAnd wonder brought aboutBy some evolving cellSent from hell? O well!Wherefrom  then did we start?Some celestial […]

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