Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Apostasy Cowardice or Buffoonery

A Kiwanis Meditation

Object #1 of Kiwanis per their website at https://www.kiwanis.org/about/values “To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life.” Ah!  And what is the “spiritual” all about?  What does the “spirit” need most of all?  How is the spirit best served?  What is the first thing that must be […]

“Mr. Britling Sees It Through”

‘Twas authored by H.G. Wells and published in 1916.  World War I had begun.  Of that war, Mr. Britling says: This is the biggest thing in history, that we are called upon to do our utmost to resist this tremendous attack upon peace and freedom of the world.  Well, doing our utmost does not mean […]

Not A “Mandatable” Matter

No mask tyranny!  This is a pro-choice matter.  Can’t folks can’t figure out what is “mandatable” and what is not?  Apparently not! Seat belts, masks, medicines, menus, neighborhoods, vacation destinations, employment, theater:  these are all matters of CHOICE.  Some things, of course, are not “mandatable”: our parents, our race, our sex (until recently, for certain […]

Four Questions

Is there a God?Does He send judgments?Is Corona such?If so, what cause of this judgment must be addressed and eliminated? I might suggest sodomy and abortion are cause candidates.  So what, SCOTUS or POTUS or the States, are you going to do about it? How about some bold governors put an end to such blasphemies […]

Sick Nation

7 Sept., 2021 National Review writer Brittany Bernstein reports in a 6 Sept. 2021 article, “You cannot be a ‘Good Catholic’ and support abortion.”  https://www.nationalreview.com/news/pelosis-archbishop-you-cannot-be-a-good-catholic-and-support-abortion/ Hmm. “Well,” one wants to say, “no shit?” Have we finally come to the light of this mighty epiphany?  50 YEARS into the holocaust and “the Church” figures out that […]

Biden, the Apostate

On Biden’s Standing as a Good Catholic Why has “The Church” failed to excommunicate this mega heretic? (“Now dat doh make no see-ance” as some observers might say. Excommunication is for heretics and unrepentant sinners.  And Biden, an un-equivocating advocate of the abortion holocaust, is both.  So why the dereliction in carrying out the verdict?)  […]

Save the Nation!

Excrete Biden, abort the Court, honor the Law of God.  There really is no better way than God’s way as revealed in His commands, the Big Ten.  And the flagrant rejection of them exhibited in the decriminalization of sodomy and abortion is a glowing example of the disdain which our leadership has shown God and His […]

On Pandemic Panic

“Do not forsake the assembly”  (“except for persecution and pandemics,” says Second Delusions, Chapter 2?).  Maybe church leaders wish there were some pseudepigraphal dictates in some dusty scrolls somewhere which might justify their closing of church doors during the latest flu (Corona) season.  When Christians in times past faced not a little sickness, but execution […]

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