Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Apostasy Cowardice or Buffoonery

Wake Up, American Cultists!

Dear American cultists: Don’t take a false sense of security In your religious liberty. The freedom you  have to “worship” Does not grant you spiritual legitimacy. Your heresy, pursued in such freedom, Takes you down on Judgment Day.Turn from your folly before it’s too late;You need not be for others the Devil’s bait.Yeah, your sweet […]

Sissy Submission to a Renegade “Court”

Did the “Court” have the authority to  overturn the laws of all the states and thereby legalize child-slaughter? No.   Does the President have authority to issue a national emergency and forbid submission of the federal government to such lawless decrees?  Yes. But does he have either the integrity or balls to do so?  No. So […]

Those Really Sick Dems

The choice is simple, indeed! Relatively righteous RepublicansOver despicably decadent Democrats!Don’t have to do a lot of thinkin’To avoid a choice really stinkin’!Support sodomy and baby butchery?!?You got to get your head checked!Or have you just been hen-pecked?!Do the right thing and stand for what’s right!Takes no genius to look at the light.Truth is plain […]

Biden: The Uncensured Apostate

He imprisons the righteous – the saints who oppose abortion.  And yet, this heretic continues in good standing with “the Church”!  What kind of “Church” is it that retains active pro-aborts on its membership rolls? What is your priest saying about this?  Your bishop?  Any excuse for such dereliction of duty? This POTUS contributes to […]

Subject, Object, and Witness

O American cultist,Come out o’ the mist!The One true One you missed!How else did Love live eternallyBut by a Subject, Object, and Witness?He lives and reigns for all of usThe One True, Three-in-One:Talkin’ that Father, Spirit, and Son!You might be a Wierville Wayist;Might be a Watchtower Witness;Could even be a Smithy Mormon!There are for you […]

On Jackass Punks

Now think of those stupid-ass punksMessing with those women’s centers Where all help is given freely to ladies To help avoid a fate worse than rabies. It is not a matter of vandals doing violence To someone on the other side of an issue. We are talking about more than some “tissue”! “Crisis pregnancy centers” […]

On Pervert Vandals

https://www.lifenews.com/2024/04/29/abortion-advocates-vandalize-church-with-graphic-pro-abortion-messages/ Perverts like those who so vandalizeNeed to have an awakening of eyesAnd mind:  brought out of the grindOf a world that knows no differenceBetween a snarly dog and a prince.A good public whipping would suitThe demands of justice for those who lootFrom others the truth of the imago DeiImprinted on the heart even of […]

No Ministry Do They Provide

No “ministry” do cults provideAnd you, from God, they divide.By heresy they lied,Deceived fools, and tookTheir listeners for a ride.The Triune One you must serveAnd from Him do not swerve.Whether a Smithy MormonOr a foolish young ‘ne,A Wierville Wayist,Or a Watchtower Witness,Come out o’ the darknessAnd follow the Son to eternity:The Second Person of the […]

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