Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Apostasy Cowardice or Buffoonery

All the Way

“Write it down, sir, for Jayne” (says from Tobra, the author, an anti-abortion associate for many-a year now).To the tune of song, “Johnny Reb” by Johnny Horton. You fought all the wayMichael Bray Michael Bray You fought all the way.When the feds came callingYou didn’t run bawling You fought all the way,Michael Bray Michael Bray  (Flattered, of […]

The Selfish Life of “Choice”!

So you jack-ass “progressives” Justify the Civil War To deliver people from bondage, But you can’t justify the bombing Of baby-killing “abortuaries” To save children from mortuaries, Those graves down which they are flung No more than some filthy dung! For what cause may blood be shed? Righteousness, Godliness – or selfishness? The Southern man […]

Top Three American Heretics

The three 20th and 21st century heretical American groups which come immediately to mind are the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons (a.k.a. Latter Day Saints) and Wierville’s Wayists. All three are avid deniers of the Trinity –  the fundamental Christian doctrine of God as revealed in Scripture: One God in three persons – Father, Son, and […]

The “god” of Your Choice

You may be following the god of your choiceAnd giving some clout to your voice;Might be the god of Joseph SmithOr the “Allah” preached by Muhammad.Might be V.P. Wierville’s “Way” god(Another American invention.Oh, we are innovative in the USA!).Best, rather, to follow the SaviorCalling you to that holy behaviorWhich you can never but savorIn this […]

The True Triune God

The true God, who existed for an eternity before making anything – including angels – existed alone, completely content, complete, self-contained, dependant upon nothing. If you are calling upon another god other than the Triune God (of the Scriptures), you are an (unwilling, perhaps) idolater – indeed, calling upon a false god. You may be […]

The American People!?

What Kind Are They? What kind of a people would put up with the slaughter of babies for decades? The American People!  No.  Got no grounds for national pride.  No way but the humble way.  Lay yourselves before God and cry out for mercy! Then  get up and do the right thing.   Shut those damned […]

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