Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Apostasy Cowardice or Buffoonery

The 90-Second Fool

In his Godless account of creation which is regularly pronounced on my otherwise enjoyable classical radio station (WGUC), Thane Maynard babbles his buffoonery about the origin and evolution of animals (i.e. creatures).   Like some gnostic making claims to special insider information on the origins of the world, he talks about what happen x-many millions of […]

On Fags and Forgiveness

26 May, 2020 A Lesson from Leviticus (18:26) What were God’s people to do with those “non-Christians” – those Godless who were living within their jurisdiction?  Israel required the “foreigner” – the non-convert – dwelling among them to conform to the divine moral standards – the Law.   It did not matter what the foreigner’s “orientation” […]

Burn, Baby, Burn Pollitt’s Book

25 May, 2020 Need something to burn?  Trying to stay warm and got some money to waste?  Buy Katha Pollitt’s book in support of child murder, entitled – simply, “Pro”!  A Barnes and Noble special! Pro what?  Well, we can only imagine.  Pro-baby-butchery of course!  It’s your “choice”!  (Oh, love that CHOICE!) Remember those good […]

Wilmington: Abortion-Free Zone

March, 2020 We hope to be spared the judgment due this nation. And we hope other towns will keep themselves abortion-free.  We abhor the shedding of innocent blood and plea for God’s mercy as He brings due retribution upon a people who have tolerated the wicked decrees of SCOTUS.  The tyrant rules only by the […]

Nigh on Fifty Years

Nigh on 50 years of baby-killin’ A lot of blood been shed Funny so few baby killers Have ever been shot dead Don’t know what the matter How the folk can tolerate So great a moral mess A decadent estate What kind of people are they Who look the other way? What duties do they […]

Hobbling About

Hobbling about the house Rather shiftless Thinking about whom To put on my shit list Someone to blame My condition so lame Upon What inklings to tame Got no virus or runs Quite free of bad health But away goes the wealth Of a land ignorant Of that stealth The Almighty can bring To those […]

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