Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Apostasy Cowardice or Buffoonery

Dear Romanist brethren,

Are you protesting this apostate Pope?  You do know that he blesses sodomite “marriages.”  Right?  So, what keeps you from abandoning such heresy?  And body of people, any organization, which approves heresy (perversion, apostasy, etc.) is to be abandoned. Why haven’t others in authority removed the heretic?  Are they in agreement?  Or without the gonads […]

Smithy Mormon Or  .  . .

Smithy Mormon Or  .  . .You might be a Smithy Mormon,Or some Wierville Wayist.But come to the TruthAnd find the best!He is the One Whom you can trustAnd beat that final bustWhere all your false teachingIs exposed and you’re left nakedWith no one to come to your side!There you will be, anything but free,In need […]

Kamala, the Hellish Hyena

Pushing her wicked abortion agenda in the Land of Toleration where she gets no staunch, sincere, pragmatic OPPOSITION! Oh, what a sick nation!  Not to vomit out this disgusting advocate of child-slaughter!?!? Yet, she makes such good company for Biden and the damned baby-butchering Dems! (A 24 Feb., 2024 meditation)

Who Is More Gay Than The Christian?

Quit the attempt to normalize sodomy by treating it as if it were just another language or culture or national identity!  It is not a racial, national, or linguistic phenomenon.  It is behavior.  It is not sex, race or language.   It is, to be specific, perverse behavior. Be not deceived and do not join with […]

Blessings From Heaven

Apart from heaven, The greatest joy is our eleven. What gems they are, Walking in truth among us;An asset to our body politic,Advocating for true justiceAs defined by God’s Word.(Of course!  How else to defineThat which is quite sublime!We need revelation from on highAnd, indeed, we got it!Those prophets and apostlesAnd God, Himself, incarnateHas revealed […]

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