Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Wrestling Prominence!

Football isn’t bad; Soccer may be better. But both are but a warm-up For the blessed wrestling season!“Mano-a-mano” is the game;Can’t put on another the blame.Responsibility you must bear;Can’t hide from the stare.The glory is yours to winWhether by decision or pin.But thank God for you skills;His purpose may you fulfill. 16 Oct. 2023

Bowie Wrestling Class of 2019

Bowie Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2019, Bringing back memories. Thanks for your work so grand! Got that medal hanging on my shelf.Like some curious elf,I look at it from my chairGiving it a smile with a stare.The sport sharpens the soul;Can’t blame some other fool.It’s the sport of the Book.Open it up and give […]

That Vaping Thing . . .

Kicked Off the Team for . . .“Vaping”!“Who’d ‘e rape?”“Nobody! Said he got kicked off for VAPING!”“What? What’s ‘at?  Don’ it with many real fast?”“NO!”“You mean he vaporized ’em?”“NO!”“You must be Jokin’.  He killed ’em, right?”“No! You . . . !  No!  I said he was SMOKIN’”“Oh no!  Who’d he smoke?  They gonna hang ‘im? […]

For “Vaping”?

Kicked off the wrestling team for “vaping”? Yeah, not raping . . .  V-A-P-I-N-G!  Pretty dog-gone harsh and down-right cruel to us spectators.   Why should we fans be punished for such a simple “offense”? Not to mention screwing over a kid’s wrestling scholarship opportunities. Any discipline for students who blaspheme or disrespect teachers in class? […]

Ikeman, Eggman

Ikeman, Eggman matters not, He’s the seventh we begot. Has his good points and his bad; I don’t mind ’em, I’m his Dad. Keeps that wrestling on the table; That’s our thing, like a label. We like to roll and wrestle others; Helps that fellowship of brothers. He’s teachin’ school and bein’ cool, Got no […]

The Palestra

The ancient word for what we now call a gymnasium or a stadium where public sporting events took place in ancient Greece.  Nice.  The oldest of these panhellenic games organized as a quadrennial event was put together in 776 B.C.   It consisted of five contests, a “pentathlon,” all in which all athletes participated.  “To promote […]

Epictetus on Wrestling

12 Nov., 2018 The “Golden Sayings”  of Epictetus, the first century Greek philosopher, were compiled by a contemporary philosopher and historian, Arrian.  Epictetus is the main authority on Stoic morals of which he gained an understanding probably from the lectures of C. Musonius Rufus. Of the 189 Sayings, many reference wrestling.  I am happy to […]

Wrestling is for Men

Church Ministry and Wrestling: A Sport to Advocate Basketball is the sport of pussies.  My dad is an exception; limited opportunities.  He grew up on Paterson, New Jersey and there were no wrestling programs in his neighborhood.  So, he did what he had to do.  He played basketball, was the class president, and went off […]

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