Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Ikeman, Eggman

Ikeman, Eggman matters not,
He’s the seventh we begot.
Has his good points and his bad;
I don’t mind ’em, I’m his Dad.
Keeps that wrestling on the table;
That’s our thing, like a label.
We like to roll and wrestle others;
Helps that fellowship of brothers.
He’s teachin’ school and bein’ cool,
Got no ladies that he’s told of.
Who knows but the Lord above
Whom He has for him to love?
Yeah, ’tis the season: smack ’em down!
No loafin’, no goofin’ ’round.
Watch ’em roll and deck the losers
But never let those accusers
Say we ever – not even once –
Played with those who bounce
That ball around the floor.
Nothing but a silly bore,
Playing like a bunch of sissies.
(Ah not another ranting “hissy”!)
Can’t help but have a grudge;
Defending wrestling, just can’t budge.

9 Dec., 2020

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