Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Family Matters

Abortion, the Bastard Child of “Women’s Rights”

In the days before Roe, the great triumph over evil in America was that achieved by Martin Luther King.  Segregation, the heir of slavery, was defeated by one who opposed that evil head on.  The new evil which still abides across the land, despite the overturning of the satanic Roe v. Wade “opinion,” is the […]

In the Name of “Choice”

We butcher babies in the name of “choice” Like keeping slaves in the name of “property.”How dark are the ways of the pagan As he puts his selfish will above That of sacrifice and love For the weak and helpless. But such is the way of natural man, A sinner who does all that he […]

What is the Church?

The church is about sound doctrine (per the Scriptures and the Creeds), indeed.¬† But it is also about the gathering: the “breaking of the bread.”¬† There is a special presence of God in the “sacrament” – the “communion” or “supper.” We don’t accomplish such by mail or TV or “on-line.”  We gather to break the […]

Derelict on Christmas Cards

Derelict we are at Christmas time;We just don’t send out cards! Haven’t for many-a year And sometimes think we may get a sneer: Those diligent, faithful card-senders Get nothin’ from us lazy bums! And we mean no offense; just a thing We don’t do this time of year. Seems we’re harried enough with all the […]


Indeed, most of the Big Ten Are commands of abstention From what is sinfully natural! Fornication, greed, and theft. Abstain from most of what you want; You are sinfully influenced by your deep Truly-full-of-falsehood self. You are naturally, since the fall, Corrupt. Not sweet, not cute, not nice! Refrain from most of what you are […]

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