Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Family Matters

Bare Necessities.

Let fly and let ’em flop You know it’s time to drop Those drawers right down to the floor; Got to go as those bowels dictate! Don’t never, never want to be late. Got to go when you got to go Don’t nobody else got to know. Go now or do it on the run; […]

Born in a Bathtub

To the tune of “Davy Crocket” Born in a bathtub on the Twentieth Month of January: twenty-twenty-two They just didn’t know –  what to do That baby’s comin’ with a big howdy-do Luka! Lu–u-uka Moore Born in a warm bath tub! 1130 on 20 Jan., 2022 on the birthday of Epiphany and Andrew’s boy.

Make a Covenant With the Lord

2 Chron 29:8f. Make a covenant with the Lord So you can turn the anger away All day.  Make a covenant with the Lord And you do what He says every day. Miss that terror, horror, and hissing; Turn your suffering into some kissing. A good bride is what you need Takes care o’ that […]

Abortion: the Simple Truth

Every child in sinful from the moment of conception, whether conceived through fornication, adultery or holy matrimony.  That is the truth we have from God’s word.  It is the consequence of our forefather, Adam and his disobedience.  And yet each child retains and bears the very image of God (imago Dei) from that same point […]

Wrestling Joy

(Top Memories in Reverse Chronological Order) 1. Watching the team my son coaches at Wilmington High School- (2020-Present) 2. Watching my boys, Jonas and Isaac, wrestle (2006-2016?) 3. Germany – some tournament event where I wrestled an international champion of some sort (memory failing here on 13 Jan., 2022!) 4. Wrestling partner Plebe Summer at […]

Thoughts on Hugh

He’s got all time as well as this day To bring your ass into conformity With His law in all its enormity. He made the world out of nothing And is quite cable to handle our bucking. Onward and upward we ever go Always remembering, ever in the know: He’s got our lives in His […]

Uzziah Was Enraged

2 Chron 26:16-28:3 The priests of the Lord were valiant men Under the rule of the prideful Uzziah Who gallfully entered the temple The place where only priests could go. Swiftly, they went after that intruder: “Not for you to burn incense!” they charged. Right in after him those men of God barged: (18) “You’ve […]

Death Will Come to Us All

Death came to Hugh As it came to Matthew And will come to one and all. And while caught up in the thrall Of life’s actions and speculations, Best to focus upon relations, Especially with the Maker Rather than the Taker. O, the devil would have us fall For those “blessings” that come to all, […]

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