Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Family Matters

Fellow House Dwellers

Gone the Fellow House Dwellers Did they fly away? Suddenly we realize Gone they are all day! Kids up and left. Found new cribs to live In with husbands, indeed! Oh, they did grow up, Gone and on their own. Got their own telephone Even a whole new address Where they make their own mess […]

What Do I Do?

And what do I do? Read and write poetry, Of course, and why not? It keeps the mind hot Stirring thoughts of the world And our lives unfurled As we look at the Book And consider Him who took Himself out of that heaven And came down here even To hang with gross sinners With […]

Something About a Letter

There is something about a letter.Unwrap it from an envelope Feed that anticipation and hope News from a friend or kin What has life brought them? What news from afar?A good way for the day to start Others are those he came for And so are we to open the door For those who yet […]

Two Children, Maybe Three”

“Two children, maybe three” Sang those Temptations In conformity With birth control trolls, Those monitors of the earth Who frown upon birth When numbers exceed What they think the planet needs. But what will they say Facing the Creator on that Day In whose image they were made? What stocks and bonds will they trade? […]

Your Wily Way

Wheedle you may me through the day That I might succumb to your wily way, But I have a mind of my own, Don’t you know, to take it slow And give consideration Despite your persuasion. Got to think it all through before I do What may not be right when the light Is shed […]

Greatest Regret

My greatest regret and lamentation Was that moment when I crept up Behind my singing wife and Laughed while she sang out with joy To herself, the angels, and to God. As I chucked at a tune imperfect To the sophisticated ear, She discovered my eaves drop And did stop, quite disturbed Never again to […]

Old Guys Must Trust

Aged men may have an affection But can find no erection To fulfill their wishful desires And so not so suffer in the mire Where wantons wander in lust Those old guys must trust In the plan of the Boss Who came down from the cross And back up after three Days for the world […]

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