Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Family Matters

Avoid Fornication!

Avoid fornication! Practice social distancing Look straight ahead Sneak no peaks Abstain from streaking Keep on clothes in the creek Have fun in the sun Hands off the buns Keep your wits Don’t stare at tits 26 March, 2020

Over Population?

Over population? Huh! Not as long as there is sin, God and judgment! No problem Corona gonna take care Of the “problem”! We buy and sell After we plant and grow And go And we forget Who it was Who made the earth The rain And the sunshine 21 March, 2020


Times there are (rare) When my honey Starts a-cussin’ Well I get a-goin’ And a-funnin’ With her a bitAnd my oh my There she goes And even bigger words a-flyin’Don’t give a shit Oh what a fit Lo and beholdI calm her down Then a frown Finally even a smile All the while I can’t […]

Corona Blues

15 March, 2020 (10 minutes) Would you break Fellowship To save your life?Then what kind of life Would it be?You fear the Corona,It may be bologna.Duly we shall see.But ’til thenWe press to the endUnshaken by threats around.No one can harm usNo thing formed againstCan trump the will of God.His might unsurpassed,His own He will […]


14 March, 2020 It is not any more or less respectable than joblessness or “friendlessness.” The underlying question is, “Why?”  Is a vagrant’s vagrancy a result of a calamity or a product of dereliction of duty?   Does the vagrant have no friend because his is a friend to no one?  Or is all the world […]

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