Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Family Matters

To Babies Born

Boom! Did you hear that? Ah!  Sweet, sweet music! Yo’ didn’t hear it? Boom!  It’s the sound of An abortuary burning! Sweet, sweet music To my ears So it’s cheers To those fellows And ladies (let’s not Forget those ladies!) O let us pray For another day Of joy for a boy Or even a […]

Who You Momma?

Who you Momma?Your Mom is the oneWho looks after your life.Like a wifeShe cares for you over all.She is the one who broughtYou into the world and soughtTo make you all you might be.Oh that you could seeWhat a wonder she be!There will come a dayWhen she will go awayNever to be seen againThat place […]

The Big Ten (in verse)

You shall have no other gods but Me, Before no idol bow the knee; Take not the name of God in vain, Nor dare the Sabbath day profane; Give both your parents honor due; Take heed that you no murder do; Abstain from words and deeds unclean; Nor steal, though you be poor and mean; […]

On Matthew’s Passage

(Written on Thursday 30 January, 2020, two days after Matt’s death on Tuesday) We are all on the same path And we all fall from it And so meet death At some time and some place. We don’t know when or where But death is, indeed, there. Matt met him unexpectedly In the middle of […]

Avoid Fornication!

Avoid fornication! Practice social distancing Look straight ahead Sneak no peaks Abstain from streaking Keep on clothes in the creek Have fun in the sun Hands off the buns Keep your wits Don’t stare at tits 26 March, 2020

Over Population?

Over population? Huh! Not as long as there is sin, God and judgment! No problem Corona gonna take care Of the “problem”! We buy and sell After we plant and grow And go And we forget Who it was Who made the earth The rain And the sunshine 21 March, 2020

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