Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Family Matters

Daniel Best Expectation

No worry ’bout Daniel Best; A follower of Jesus, He’s at rest! No matter what the “might ‘a’ been”; He’s up there with all our kin: Yeah, those followers of our Lord, Who, with Him, never get bored.‘T ain’t easy to press on in the WordIn a world where it seems absurdTo put your trust […]

The Presence of  Glory

Folks don’t handle well the company Of  that person of glorious note. He’s attractive but discomfiting; His glory exposes deficiency. There is an awkwardness:A sense of failure, subordination;A feeling of wrongfulnessInspired by the presenceOf the high-level achiever.Yeah, such company is discomfiting,But it need not as such be so!We ALL fall short of HIS glory,Making ours […]

Dear Romanist brethren,

Are you protesting this apostate Pope?  You do know that he blesses sodomite “marriages.”  Right?  So, what keeps you from abandoning such heresy?  And body of people, any organization, which approves heresy (perversion, apostasy, etc.) is to be abandoned. Why haven’t others in authority removed the heretic?  Are they in agreement?  Or without the gonads […]

Holy Wrestling Zealotry

Train up your childrenIn the way they should go: “Baseball’s for boys; Basketball’s for girls; Wrestling’s for men.” Say it over and over again, So they can swallow what’s good; Shine bright in the neighborhood. It is, as we know, the Biblical sport, So don’t sell your kids short! Get them into that sacred mind […]

Blessings From Heaven

Apart from heaven, The greatest joy is our eleven. What gems they are, Walking in truth among us;An asset to our body politic,Advocating for true justiceAs defined by God’s Word.(Of course!  How else to defineThat which is quite sublime!We need revelation from on highAnd, indeed, we got it!Those prophets and apostlesAnd God, Himself, incarnateHas revealed […]


Yes, a nation, like a family, has borders.  It associates with other families, loves other families, avoids some families, but remains a family.  There are certain internal standards which it holds dear and by which it governs its associations with others. 27 Jan., 2024

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