Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Family Matters

“Freedom of Religion”?

There surely is a moral evolution (or devolution) Of a people as they abide by or abandon The Law of God. Nations rise and fall sometimes by their brutality or passivity, But more rightfully by the moral behavior of the people Reflected in the standards that they maintain. Sadly, in the name of Freedom of […]

On Halloween Festivities

The heathen will despoil anything sacred, But that doesn’t mean we withdraw or give in! We take back and restore those holy daysAnd we teach the people what they mean!We explain the Gospel and teach the Word.Run and hide away? That’s absurd!There are times to withdrawAnd avoid the Devil’s maw,And there are times to take […]

Bowie Wrestling Class of 2019

Bowie Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2019, Bringing back memories. Thanks for your work so grand! Got that medal hanging on my shelf.Like some curious elf,I look at it from my chairGiving it a smile with a stare.The sport sharpens the soul;Can’t blame some other fool.It’s the sport of the Book.Open it up and give […]

Support Women’s Rights!

I support women’s rights! Got nine daughters and want The very best for them! No opportunities denied; Go to any college and get Any job, marry any (good) man!But, of course, they got no rightTo do wrong – well duh!Is that really so difficult?How does someone put baby-murderIn the category of women’s rights?!?!?What’s up with […]

A People “Under God”!

The nation belongs “under God.” So when it is obscured by the fog And its glory is sullied and paled, Its righteous ones scorned and jailed, Ours is to call it back to its origin: A people “indivisible” and “under God”!Maintain the truth for the next generation;You have children inheriting your nation.What will it be […]

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