Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Family Matters

Among Those Grands

Among those grands got a Luther and a Calvin! Keepin’ those angels and saints up there laughin’! The Word goes on throughout the world As life to the dead is unfurled. New lives will carry forth the Word of Life, Whether you’re single or got a wife. The Lord will supply the land with people […]

No Talking to the Dead

Yeah, it was wise of the Lord to forbid folks from talking to the dead. Think of the many failures of communication among the living! Think of the many people we overlook and fail to greet and encourage. The Lord has wisely forbidden us from conversing with the dead And charged us to speak with […]

Beverly Bray Rides On

A widow, a widower and a divorce*; Oh, life was rough on Beverly Bray! Those kids put her right through the ringer And her firstborn went to the “clinker”! They put the bloke right in the clink As if he needed time to think About ‘is “wicked” deeds! (O come on fools!  Awaken! On whose […]

Thanks for an Excellent Wife!

Having entered my eighth decade And for many-a child’s welfare prayedI am happy yet to be wifedBy one who keeps at bay that strife.She is as fair as a lady could beAnd still has much to do with me(A woeful beast descended from AdamHardly worth of such a madam)!On we go living in the moment,Knowing […]

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