Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

July, 2019

Joshua Harris, the Apostate

It is no small thing – to abandon Christ.  Once one has come to a knowledge of the Truth – deliverance from sin and death by the precious work of the Messiah and His death for the sins of the whole world – and then turn and renounce this Truth, you are in grave danger. […]

Augustine and Worldly Scientists

22 July, 2019 From the following source, the wisdom of Augustine is cited here regarding the origin of the world and its age.  (Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, “The Works of Augustine,” vol. 3, chap. 9, “Enchiridion,” p. 239): When, then, the question is asked what we are to believe in matters of religion, it is […]


22 July, 2019 It is defined in my lexicon (Liddell and Scott) as follows: “The Egyptian papyrus the root and triangular stalk of which were eaten by the poor.” The definition is credited to Herodotus. And how appropriate that this be the root word for the Bible. That book which is the Word of God […]