Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Joshua Harris, the Apostate

It is no small thing – to abandon Christ.  Once one has come to a knowledge of the Truth – deliverance from sin and death by the precious work of the Messiah and His death for the sins of the whole world – and then turn and renounce this Truth, you are in grave danger.

Such is the case of one Joshua Harris.  He is, by all reasonable assessments, well damned.  It is a most disgusting offense to come to a knowledge of the truth and then to lead others into that knowledge and serve as a beacon to draw many;  then to renounce that confession. 

It would be better to have a millstone tied around one’s neck and be thrown into the ocean.  Those moments of terror as one sinks hopelessly down – deeper and deeper – are difficult to imagine.  Striking hopelessness accentuate those moments of rapid descent which seem like forever.

Not good, Joshua.  You screwed up.  (Read about Apostate Joshua Harris here:


The apostate never knew Him (Jesus). He played along, toying with the Truth, enjoying the thrill of manipulating people. All the attention, the high of social interaction and admiration received by a crowd of aspiring teens and thankful parents. “Joshua! What an example you are for us!” they said.

But the apostate was not in it for love of the Truth. He loved the attention, the glory. He was a big star.

Ah. All is lost for the apostate. All adds up to nothing. He is not held be Christ because he does not belong to Him. He lives for himself, for his own pleasure and not for the glory of the Savior. So, he will die, a phony, a selfish, sinning apostate.

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