Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


The Pride of Man

(Is. 2:17f.) The pride of man will be humbled, His loftiness will be abased; Records of human glory erased. Folks will find a hole to stick their heads, Runnin’ crazy; won’t even make the beds! When the Lord brings it all down, There’ll be nothin’ but frowns. Since they failed to behave They’ll be runnin’ […]

The Easy Name of Bray

Both my sisters took on the affliction Of tri-syllabic last names! Surely they have suffered great pain; T’was simple to indite that name, “Bray”! Four simple letters!  An easy way To sign those papers or a check. But now, Oh! What the heck! B-R-U-N-S-T-E-T-T-E R P-E-N-D-E-R-G-R-A-S-S! O, sisters, you got yourself in a mess! Sorry […]

How to Engineer the Production of Poetry

How does one engineer the production of poetry? Some prayer and contemplation, Music and some meditation. What do you say and to whom? You have always an audience in the Lord; (Unlike your friends, He never gets bored.) You pray, and then there is something to say. It may be about friends, travels or moods, […]

A Slice of the Joy

What to do about those babies dyin’? No standin’ aroun’ and cryin’! The likes of Beseda, Brockhoeft and Bray Say, “Hey, there ain’t no way!” When a “clinic bomber” goes to jail He’d rather be there than in hell (Not havin’ all that pain and steamin’; Plenty o’ heat and all that screamin’!) Time in […]

Liberty to Submit to Him

Yes, Messiah is imposed upon the Jews And the Muslims and liberals who snooze. In the name of religious freedom, All have the liberty to submit to Him, No matter the choice they voted Or to what false religion they’re devoted Their time talent and lives, Ignoring the Truth and swallowing lies. Dear husbands and […]

An End to the Holocaust

(It happens.  Rejoice!) Thanks be to God for those Who have worked so hard An end to abortion to bring, That we might rightfully God to sing Praise for our salvation. Deeds provide that confirmation That that Truth we declare Will not bring to us a snare. We know faith without works is dead But […]

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