Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


A Letter

0830, 8 Feb., 2020 A letter is so much better A phone call is spoken and The words are heard and gone But the letter is so much better! You cut the envelope Unfold the paper You see, you touch it Again and again As oft as you like No end You see, you touch […]

A Parent’s Grief Imagined

10 Feb., 2020 The guests have gone Ceremonies and kinds words Are remembered Good people have done their duty And I mine. We all go back to our days Our ways are productive And we all have things to do But mine are in sorrow What do I spend them for? The chore of children […]

In the Aftermath

The aftermath Long and dreary, The people are gone To their places of rest. And to rest I too would go And be with him If I could Were it right to do. O to be with you, son! But you have won. We are still here And you are there Where we will be Forever […]

A Nephew’s Passing

30 Jan., 2020 We are all on the same path Yet we all fall from it And so meet death At some time and some placeWe don’t know when or where But death is, indeed, there He met him unexpectedly In the middle of the night That enemy came for him And he thought he […]

An Important Subliminal Message

20 January, 2020 Sometimes (blow ’em up) we need to make our messages less direct (blow ’em up).  People cannot handle the truth unabashedly proclaimed.   They need (blow ’em up) sometimes encouragement by indirect summons (blow ’em up)  or exhortation.  The call directly (blow ’em up) to a particular corrective or reformatory action is just […]

Honor to Whom Honor is Due

(cir. Jan. 2020) FiremenPolicemenPastorsTeachersPolitical office holdersMissionariesCoachesMartyrs (“over there”)ParentsHusbandWifeEmployersEmployeesCaregiversLobbyists (Whoops!  Forgot those”clinic bombers”!   Ah.  If you neglect to do your duty, you deny yourself blessings from God.  And when the churches of God give respect due them, revival will come.  You get blessed in your OBEDIENCE.)

To Wilmington (WCC)

7 Jan.,  2020                                                                                                          ‘Twas a time when the gates Were down No where to be found Were the people of mercy Of God Fled by the Fed Oh the dread That someone might be caught For naught! They hid themselves from the chore They closed the door No more for the poor In Spirit and […]

Here I Sit, Again

Here I Sit, Again 23 Dec., 2019 Here I Sit, Again The music plays To the right The light of day Breaks through the glass The feet on the wall Over water walk To the center Where the union Shows her and me And then to the left The many that follow On that tree […]

Babies Butchered

Babies butchered One, two, three Why not me? Spared was I‘Twas merciful mother How about you? You live and breathe And look away “Another day,” you say And time passes And Oh! the ashes We never see. They blow away ‘Tis another day And on it goes The Judge will come What will we say? […]

Ode to Jayne and Lamentations

10 December, 2019 Essays to writeBattles to fightSo often I thought naughtAbout you You had your taskChildren to baskI had my duties to doBut you, oh youWere always there waiting“Look at me.  ‘ttention!” Oh yes, in due timeI’ve got mine to doAnd yes I didAnd we did great thingsChildren and justice Were served Life is […]

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