Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Another Stroll

From yet another stroll I am returned; Yes, walking about this tired town. Many-a child has walked the streets And many-an adult as well Hopefully in prayerful consideration Of those gates to heaven to pass. There is that alternative course By which many have been tantalized, But the promise is an empty one Leaving the […]

All the Way

“Write it down, sir, for Jayne” (says from Tobra, the author, an anti-abortion associate for many-a year now).To the tune of song, “Johnny Reb” by Johnny Horton. You fought all the wayMichael Bray Michael Bray You fought all the way.When the feds came callingYou didn’t run bawling You fought all the way,Michael Bray Michael Bray  (Flattered, of […]

Pointed to the Father

Truth be told, I’m a piece o’ sh-sh-sh- Ain’t no lie; the whole truth about it! Gotta a nature deserving of death All wrapped up in a singular person. No one else to blame for my ways As I go about my darkness and sways.Selfish and well-centered on myself, I put people aside and His […]

Yes, Brothers and Sisters . . .

(A reflection prompted by a popular Christian song) “There’s gonna be a brighter day”  – Correct! “There are gonna be some brighter days” – Correct! “There’s gonna be some brighter days”  – WRONG!  (And that’s the popular song!  Teaching bad grammar to millions of naïve children . . . and parents!) Grammar police at your […]

Salvation Call

Some like to gather with fellow mourners And whine about the day With a horizontal perspective And no vision for the end, Which comes for every creature Both animals and humans (Even Americans and Cubans). But ready to go we must be:Ducks and soul in a row.Indeed, the Truth we must know.He’s comin’ with an […]

God, Eternally Existing

God, eternally existing In need of NO company! Tough to imagine such a thing, When we see people come and go: Old friends, new friends, All things changing. But One does remain the same!Got that family and an old house Familiar places and people around, And yet there comes an end to all And we […]

The Selfish Life of “Choice”!

So you jack-ass “progressives” Justify the Civil War To deliver people from bondage, But you can’t justify the bombing Of baby-killing “abortuaries” To save children from mortuaries, Those graves down which they are flung No more than some filthy dung! For what cause may blood be shed? Righteousness, Godliness – or selfishness? The Southern man […]

Isaac and Alethea are Thirty?

You’re thirty already? And we’re still steady? But, can it really be; The twins could be this old? Yes.  Even smiling babies age And, yes, they are doing well. Of such news we do tell, And who may imagine: “Whatever happened to the two?” One is married and over seas; The other a teacher near […]

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