Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Covenant Eyes

0640 on 27 March, 2020 His mission is derision Of that holy institution. He takes you for a ride Where you can hide From the eyes of others. You do it with mothers Under the covers But God sees it all. Ever since the Fall He made the devil His fool, Nothing but a tool […]

O the Boasts!

O the boasts Of those who toast To themselves The glories of this world. One declares himself hospitable, The other most biddable. One a full-fledged eff-er, The other a dainty tit licker. Vanity, vanity Let it go. There is only One Who knows And He calls us sure To be pure, Forsooth, To walk in […]

Judging Corona

How shall we judge The current judgment? AIDS was sodomy-specific, Corona is general. All are doomed Under the gloom Of Corona. Makes all moan-a And groan-a. Got to submit With all wits And laws To the Boss Who reigns On high Above all us. 26 March at 1005

Nigh on Fifty Years

Nigh on 50 years of baby-killin’ A lot of blood been shed Funny so few baby killers Have ever been shot dead Don’t know what the matter How the folk can tolerate So great a moral mess A decadent estate What kind of people are they Who look the other way? What duties do they […]

Vain Boastings

O the boasts Of those who toast To themselves The glories of this world One declares himself hospitable The other most biddable One a full-fledged [eff-er] Another a dainty tit-licker Vanity, vanity Let it go There is only One Who knows And He calls us sure To be pure Forsooth To walk in truth 26 […]

Hobbling About

Hobbling about the house Rather shiftless Thinking about whom To put on my shit list Someone to blame My condition so lame Upon What inklings to tame Got no virus or runs Quite free of bad health But away goes the wealth Of a land ignorant Of that stealth The Almighty can bring To those […]

Creation, Thane!

When the Lord made The heavens and the earth He didn’t tell Thane Maynard how He did it.No. He told His prophets dear Who told us all about the birth Of the One who would come And lay it all down For all of us clowns. And so we thank Him For all of our […]

The Christian Bar Owner

A ministry indeed, He has much to do! Sinners he meets And greets and treats Them as best he can. He preaches the word Which some have heard And from the Truth they run. (Some know it and are just outHaving fun!) Others drink less And find that moderation. Oh but some will come Home […]

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