Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill



(1505 on 26 Sept, 2021) It is truly divine forbearance Which saves the nation from destruction. There is no good to be found In a nation bloodied by the Abortion Holocaust. And why such withholding of justice? On  whose behalf is grace extended? Are there petitions from holy men Which a merciful God is answering? […]

Hadad, the Edomite

1 Kings 11:14f. Hadad, the Edomite Was the one the Lord did choose,A fellow from the royal line Wiped out by the army of David. He had fled as losers must do, Just a boy all the way to Egypt, (17) Where the Pharaoh gave him food and land (18) And his sister-in-law for a […]

1 Kings 8

‘Twas the month of Ethanim (2) When they gathered all the team; Number seven on the calendar of Israel. Time to bring up that ark of the Covenant. (1) They brought the ark to the “tent of meeting.” (4) Had holy forks, spoons, and knives (4) So they could feed their holy lives, The congregation […]

Solomon Built That Temple

(1K. 6:38f.) at 0800 on 16 Sept., 2021 Solomon built that temple The eleventh year in the month of Bul Had two doors of cypress wood The finest home in the neighborhood. It took seven years to build that place Don’t know if you’d call it a disgrace But his own house took him thirteen. […]

If You Walk in My Ways

(1 Kings 3:14f.) “If you walk in My ways I’ll prolong your days,” Said the Lord to Solomon. Ah, but when he awoke Said, “It must have been a joke! I been dreamin’ like a fool again.” (15) So he traveled along to Jerusalem, Stood before the ark of the Lord, Burned some offerings and did […]


With that song played incessantly on the Christian radio in mind . . . You bore me with lousy lyrics Play them many times a day Take them away, take ’em away From me-ee-ee Take them away, take them away From me-e-e-e-e Sing your praise to God above Talk about His might love He is […]

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