Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Sprinkled the Bood of those Lambs

2 Chon 30:16-31:1 Yeah, they sprinkled the blood of those lambs Bringin’ sinners clean out of their jams ‘Twas a geuine means of consecration (17) And an occasion for lots of celebration. Preparation of the heart was the key to be clean (19) You thought it was New Testament thing? Says, “With great joy they […]

Bare Necessities.

Let fly and let ’em flop You know it’s time to drop Those drawers right down to the floor; Got to go as those bowels dictate! Don’t never, never want to be late. Got to go when you got to go Don’t nobody else got to know. Go now or do it on the run; […]

Bulls, Sheep, And Goats

(2 Chron 30:17) Bulls, sheep, and goats Made a mighty fine libation; To the Lord they were consecrated. Those Levites had a great job: Nothin’ from God they would rob. Passover was extended back then To folks from Issahar and Zebulun And even from Ephraim and Manasseh. (18) The Lord was their Commander and Master. […]

That Rift with the Heathen

There is always be a rift Between the heathen and those with a gift, That awakening by the Spirit Who gives life without regard to merit. Left to that measure, we’d be doomed, No matter how we worked and groomed Ourselves to be pleasing in His sight. We’re too far down to find the way […]

Salvation is the Solution

Salvation is the SolutionAll are sorely disoriented:Minds boggled by sin;Got to have a revelationTo come clean out of the din.Need that heart puncturedBy the very Spirit of GodTo get that dose of PowerThat comes from the Holy GhostWho opens our minds with the mostAnd enables us to see the truthOf our sin and need for […]

Born in a Bathtub

To the tune of “Davy Crocket” Born in a bathtub on the Twentieth Month of January: twenty-twenty-two They just didn’t know –  what to do That baby’s comin’ with a big howdy-do Luka! Lu–u-uka Moore Born in a warm bath tub! 1130 on 20 Jan., 2022 on the birthday of Epiphany and Andrew’s boy.

70 Bulls

2 Chron. 29:32f. 70 bulls, 100 rams, and 200 lambs They sacrificed to the Lord with joy, Singing praises as they bowed and worshiped. Needed extra Levites to help out the priests Who were less conscientious than the laymen! And so it was, as it often does go With the ones who follow the ones […]

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