Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


On Capacity for Salacity

Our capacity for salacity Is beyond what one may imagine, And to our chagrin It does not end But begins anew rightIn our hearts, Wicked in every new day. O that sin within Every day rises up to begin Another assault upon our souls, On friends and foe taking tolls! And what of it shall […]

Answered Prayer Delayed

(Deuteronomy 7:22 Poetized) Think of all the times when Answered prayer was delayed. Oh the whining and the moaning The groaning for our wishes To be fulfilled on our table Of time. But what a crimeIt should be (And we shall see!) The folly of our own wants Displayed in the haunts Of our personal […]


Like the pro-aborts going under The name of “Planned Parenthood,” Phony communism advocates Fraud and deceit like a snake Slithering into a room Of frolicking fools and ghouls. So the Godless pretend to be full Of truth and justice for all. But, no.  Got no balls To seek and stand for the Right. They opt […]

Got to Jump on Your Behind! 

(Erotica from the Good Book, the Song of Solomon revisited (or “rapped up”) on 16 Oct., 2020 Somethin’ about those titsSolomon said it!“Your form is lovely”! (2:4)Yeah, “Your voice is sweet” (2:10)“How beautiful you are”“And your mouth is lovely”“Your breasts are like two fawns” (4:9)Wanna climb on“You made my heart beat faster” (4:9)So I wanna […]

He Loves You, Yeah, Yeah. . .!

Yeah, He loves us Folks white as a sheet Others black as the night Not about the color All about the chasin’ And He ain’t losin’ Anyone whom he calls. Gird up those balls He’s breakin’ down walls Got people to reach Souls to teach Yeah, things to do. Gonna pull one over on you […]


O the consternation Off one sitting in contemplation:The things left undoneWhile on the runChasing duties ’til the sunFalls down below the horizonAnd then, even beyondThose duties thwarted by cutiesComes the reminderThat all will be talliedWhen sinners are ralliedBefore the One who cameBearing all the shameOf the those He madeFallen into the shadeOf rebellion and prideAnd […]

Moments in Time

We worship moments in time Memories, places, pictures sublime. Yet it is we, who were created. The Maker is our worship owed Throughout our days in this abode. The lust for things of earth Spinning before us since birth Has no place of import, Driving us to abort, Weed to smoke and coke to snort. […]

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