Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

That Faith Path

What is “trusting Jesus” – that expression we hear regularly?
Does it mean to do nothing and wait for Him to get ‘er done?
No!  Actually we all need to get up off our lackadaisical buns
And obey Him with the confidence that He will not fail
To accomplish His sovereign will, which may not be a thrill,
But often turns out to be quite a nasty burden or turbulence.
And, yet, we trust Him to be busy about His own plan
Which may involve us spending time in a frying pan.
Yes, the fact is that “walk” with our Lord is sometimes a “sit”
In “the joint” or a run to engage the wicked and give them a fit.
Indeed, the life of “the Faith” involves some hard obedience,
Which may displease many of those in the preacher’s audience.
But onward we go, no matter His call: in peace or turbulence.
He will bring to all things resolution beyond our notions so narrow.
His way is straight and winding and cuts deeper than the arrow.

1300 on 7 May, 2024

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