Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Position Papers

Pro-choice on the Overdose Issue

I tend to be pro-choice on the Drug Overdose issue.  It seems to me that if a sentient adult (or neo-adult) wishes to do himself in on the thrill of a drug trip, we ought to just let him do his thing – hoping and praying that he comes to his senses before he does, […]

Exerre Gaias

An imperative made famous by Euripedes means “Away out of the land!”  It was classically employed by nations of antiquity and down through the ages.  All nations hold to standards – that define them as nations – and banish those who refuse to meet them.  Some standards are better than others according to one’s ethical […]


How free? Are you free to save babies?   Or does SCOTUS BS prevent you from carrying out that simple, basic duty?  Are you ruled by the “opinions” of men in black robes who fancy themselves tyrannical proclaimers of decrees?  Do you make their dreams real by you base submission? Why remain in bondage stupid, wicked […]


I’m a fan of “balliberation”; Like to let those jewels swing. Freedom is the way of salvation From a life of cramped gonads. I remember those days of jocks; Worse than in the summer wearin’ socks. Folks way out in the East With garments hanging to the ground May have something on us Western boys; […]

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