Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Position Papers

How to Engineer the Production of Poetry

How does one engineer the production of poetry? Some prayer and contemplation, Music and some meditation. What do you say and to whom? You have always an audience in the Lord; (Unlike your friends, He never gets bored.) You pray, and then there is something to say. It may be about friends, travels or moods, […]

Some Neighborly Conversation

So, I saw to my neighbor – one with a couple kids and a few grand kids, and imagined saying to him, “You saved your money (some of it that didn’t go to entertainment and vacations), rather than spend it on the rearing of many child and thereby investing in your own future care.  And […]

On “Men Working” Signs

The “Men Working” sign’s are gone What could have gone wrong? Will they never finish the street? O maybe it caused some heat; Those men might be women And might not be alright withBeing called a “man” on the street. Well, sometimes a job brings some heat. What will it cost to enlarge all those […]

A Good Conversation

(Jim and Sam have a talk.  Sam gets it right!) “What ‘cha doing Jim?” “Just drinkin’ my gin. Actin’ like a jerk; Sent the wife off to work, Findin’ in life every perk. When things go slow Go to the One in the know Chat with that Man above All about that heavenly love. And […]

Women’s Rights (Etc.)

Women’s rights and slave (holding) rights Are not always right! Butchering babies is just not cool; It’s the wicked practice of the fool. Nationality, race, and colors May be a matter for others, But religion is the crux. Not just a means to make bucks, But the basis for our lives Guiding husbands and wives. […]

Could Never Go the Roman Road

It is not simply doctrinal matters regarding soteriology and ecclesiology that would  prevent any inclination on my part to visit Romanism as a viable membership option.  It is the flagrant failure of the church to discipline even its high provide offenders and heretics.   I have in view, of course, Nancy Pelosi and POTUS, Joe Biden. […]

Where is the Love?

Where is the love for free speech and Biblical preaching.  Check it all out here:  https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/northeast-tarrant/article262327032.html “The pastor of a North Texas church evicted in February from its building for what?.” For what?  The article put it this way, excerpting from the pastor’s sermon: “What does God say is the answer, is the solution for […]

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