Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Position Papers

Discriminative Giving

Many a beggar, personal/private or organized professional, comes asking for your “dough.”  The conscience of every sinner knows he owes someone for his un-judged life.  (He is yet breathing and hasn’t paid the penalty due for his offenses against the Almighty and His commands!)  There is much to be done, even after genuine repentance, in […]

A Kiwanis Meditation

Object #1 of Kiwanis per their website at https://www.kiwanis.org/about/values “To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life.” Ah!  And what is the “spiritual” all about?  What does the “spirit” need most of all?  How is the spirit best served?  What is the first thing that must be […]

Four Questions

Is there a God?Does He send judgments?Is Corona such?If so, what cause of this judgment must be addressed and eliminated? I might suggest sodomy and abortion are cause candidates.  So what, SCOTUS or POTUS or the States, are you going to do about it? How about some bold governors put an end to such blasphemies […]

A Selfish Fellow

A selfish fellow I am, indeed. I want a good life; I get me a wife And she gets me some children to love. But soon they fly away like that dove In my yard every morning. They return now and then, again and again And we’re glad for what we’ve been given: Lives to […]

Baggin’ That Dawg Dung

I see folks baggin’ ‘at dawg dung, A strange sight to b’hold, Treatin’ ‘at dung of a dog As if it were just like gold, Putting that crap in a bag Just like is was somethin’ precious! Seems like a little bit crazy, But maybe I’m just lazy. Yes, I think I got things to […]

Right Thinking on “Homelessness”

“Homeless” like “Godlessness” is a word in need of sound exposition.  If we were, for instance, to speak of “godlessness” as a term to be defined according to one’s personal definition of “god” then some sun worshipers might think of a cloudy day when they hear the term aspirated by popular expression.  But Godlessness, of […]

Ohio Need Not Drift

Ohio need not drift along Singing that D.C. song. The feds don’t know what’s best For the states and all the rest Of the world as it drifts away Following that old pagan way About liberty and independence From the Law of God. What nonsense! Downright stupid, we must declare, Turning your life into a […]

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