Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

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Morning Meditation

“Damn these Pro-abort, Baby-killing Bastards!” That is about as civil as it gets. Can’t say it any kinder.  Simple, direct questions: 1. What is the proper penalty for those who murder babies?  2. What is justice for those who advocate or even tolerate baby butchery? 3. How is it that we go on and on […]

Screw Johnson and Johnson and AstraZenaca!

https://lozierinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/12.02.20-warp-speed-vaccines.pdf  If these immoral companies participate in any way in the support of or cooperation with baby murder, they must be denounced and shunned.  Both these companies have engaged in cooperation with abortionists to profit from the butchering of babies to produce a vaccine for those who have personally escaped abortion but declined to save […]

The Good Confession

Pro-Choice, Communist, Globalist 1. I believe that everyone has the choice to follow God and His law or rebel, disobey and go to hell. 2. I believe that people ought to live in community rather than isolation.  The most blessed community is the holy community of saints, the church, the gathering of God’s redeemed sinners. […]

On Voter Fraud

On Voter Fraud (23 Nov., 2020) “We have hundreds of affidavits from Americans all over the Country testifying under OATH to voting irregularities. It’s reported that vans, trash cans, and boxes full of ballots for Biden were brought in to be counted during the early morning hours without Republican poll watchers.”  So says my email […]

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