Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Position Papers

All the Way

“Write it down, sir, for Jayne” (says from Tobra, the author, an anti-abortion associate for many-a year now).To the tune of song, “Johnny Reb” by Johnny Horton. You fought all the wayMichael Bray Michael Bray You fought all the way.When the feds came callingYou didn’t run bawling You fought all the way,Michael Bray Michael Bray  (Flattered, of […]

Pointed to the Father

Truth be told, I’m a piece o’ sh-sh-sh- Ain’t no lie; the whole truth about it! Gotta a nature deserving of death All wrapped up in a singular person. No one else to blame for my ways As I go about my darkness and sways.Selfish and well-centered on myself, I put people aside and His […]

Salvation Call

Some like to gather with fellow mourners And whine about the day With a horizontal perspective And no vision for the end, Which comes for every creature Both animals and humans (Even Americans and Cubans). But ready to go we must be:Ducks and soul in a row.Indeed, the Truth we must know.He’s comin’ with an […]

Top Three American Heretics

The three 20th and 21st century heretical American groups which come immediately to mind are the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons (a.k.a. Latter Day Saints) and Wierville’s Wayists. All three are avid deniers of the Trinity –  the fundamental Christian doctrine of God as revealed in Scripture: One God in three persons – Father, Son, and […]

The “god” of Your Choice

You may be following the god of your choiceAnd giving some clout to your voice;Might be the god of Joseph SmithOr the “Allah” preached by Muhammad.Might be V.P. Wierville’s “Way” god(Another American invention.Oh, we are innovative in the USA!).Best, rather, to follow the SaviorCalling you to that holy behaviorWhich you can never but savorIn this […]

Sound Christian Theology

Although ecclesiastical pluralists Calling for a rule by elders, We are not a pluralists regarding deity! There is only one God, though A plurality of persons called the Trinity. Such matters are basic to the Confession We make in creeds: Apostles and Nicene. So, the teachings of Mormons, the Way And the Jehovah’s Witnesses Must […]

Ignorant, Stupid, or a Liar

(Yet a third meditation in as many days) That is the assessment that must be made of one who does not believe and follow the truth.  A person who is not obeying the truth and communing with God’s people who gather with others (a church) and worship the Triune God is ignorant, stupid, or a […]

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