Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Position Papers

The Wretched One’s “Do-over”

“Don’t like slavery?” said the slavers To the abolitionists.  “Don’t have one!”And so say abortionists to the pro-lifers:“Don’t like abortion?  Don’t have one!”‘Tis the retort of flippant perverts who justifyThe lie that there is no “image of God”In the baby: a human being in the womb.Indeed, the fallen nature of man has not changed;It is in […]

The True God

Who is the true God? The god of the Witnesses? The gods of the Mormons? The god of the Wiervillains? The god of the Son-rejecting Jews? The god of Law-rejecting Democrats? The Lawless god of compromising Conservatives? No.  The true God is the Triune One: The Father, Spirit, and Son; The giver of the Law […]

He is God

(Callin’ all Heretics!) One with the Father and the Spirit, Forever they existed – the One God. For an eternity before one angel was made, God, Himself – the Son – was around.Sent by God, the Father, and God,The Spirit, He came way down hereTo suffer human rejection and smear.He is worthy of all praise […]

On Being “Positive”

Eight of the Ten Commandments are negative. So is it good to be strive to be “positive”? Well, certainly, we have the highest of hopesAnd have reason to have a positive outlookFor all who repent and embrace Salvation.So, depending upon the situation we address,Whether it is holy living or some malicious mess,We may go either […]

“Freedom of Religion”?

There surely is a moral evolution (or devolution) Of a people as they abide by or abandon The Law of God. Nations rise and fall sometimes by their brutality or passivity, But more rightfully by the moral behavior of the people Reflected in the standards that they maintain. Sadly, in the name of Freedom of […]

Wake Up, Ohio

Wake up, stupid Ohio! Once you devalue a person, You can make him a slave Or an expendable “fetus.” The image of God is what counts; Humans are not just animals! All are created in the very image Of the Creator and Savior.Humans, unlike dogs and cats,Have moral standing and a soulWhich goes on to […]

Justice Shall You Do!

Yes, and do it you must or be damned.  How many sat around while Roe was spreading innocent blood across the country? How many people drove past an abortuary on their way to church? How many watched slaves being sold to industrious (or greedy) farmers trying to “get ahead” of their competitors? Yes, the sin […]

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