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Biden and the Communion Table

So reports Life News: “Majority of Catholic Republicans Say Biden Should Not Receive Communion Because He’s Pro-Abortion” Well, “No shit!” I might say.  What has taken “the majority” so long to figure that out?  How about some basic Bible reading?  Simple sound doctrine?  Might some elementary church discipline be applied in the case of “Joe […]

The Hope of the Resurrection

The hope of the resurrection is not a “I hope He picks me” kind of a hope or a “I hope He picks my kids” kind of hope.  No.  It is a hope of confident anticipation.  It is a waiting hope like the people in a church with the groom facing them as they wait […]

A Note to the Pope

2 March, 2021 Repeatedly in recent weeks we have heard reports of criticism by the retired Pope Benedict of Biden about the latter’s misbehavior, viz., Biden’s consistent approval of “abortion rights” (see Lifesite News https://www.lifenews.com/2021/03/01/pope-benedict-criticizes-joe-biden-for-supporting-abortion-hes-in-continuity-with-democrats/ ). This is not encouraging news.  Rather, it is a disgusting reminder of the fact that, daily, the Roman Church […]

On Biden’s Standing

. . . as a Good Catholic” Why has “The Church” failed to excommunicate this mega heretic? (“Now dat doh make no see-ance!” as some observers might remark. Excommunication is for heretics and unrepentant sinners!  Yes, and Biden, the un-equivocating advocate of the abortion holocaust, is both.  So why the dereliction in carrying out the […]

American Law (Where To?)

Our short American history fades yet more when contrasted with the history of the Roman Republic.  But of that republic, the code of law – known as the Twelve Tables -lasted an impressively long time – some nine hundred years – as the basic law of Rome.  As Durant puts it: The Twelve Tables constituted […]

Joe Biden. Anathema!

29 Jan., 2021 Mercy us! If Biden is truly that man that We the People elected, then we are all in deep shit.  To be more rhetorically and theologically kosher: we are doomed as nation.  Biden is a flagrant, apostate, pro-abort, fake Christian.  He advocates for the continued slaughtering of babies (under the renegade court […]

Biden and Eucharist

Why Does the Church Still Abide Biden? He is, de facto, a heretic.  He champions the sin of child-slaughter by abortion.  He has perpetrated this sin publicly for many years.   And more recently, as a pursuer of the office of POTUS, he has propounded his damned doctrine quite broadly throughout the fruited plain.  His holding […]

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