Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Position Papers

To Keep Us from Hell

To keep us out of hell Took He on the nefariousness Of every ne’er-do-well! O what a Savior we have To bring us such a salve As to wipe us eternally clean – The “good guys” as well as the mean. Everyone by sin is surely infected, But among them are the selected Who by […]

Christ Mass?

We generally associate a “Mass” with the death of Christ for our sins by which we are given life.   But in Christmas we are not directly in celebration of a special Eucharist or “Mass.” We are celebrating the incarnation of God.  We are celebrating the long-awaited arrival (preceding His death for our sins and His resurrection […]

Practical Executions?

Of course!  Generally assuming the ability and resources were there to properly carry out justice, one must consider what would be right to do in a case where the means are not available to carry out ideal justice!  The comment offered by George, Lord Halifax, which I cite from the Harper Book of Quotations, says: […]

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