Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Ecclesiastical Matters

Callin’ Out American Heretics

Whether you’re a Smithy Mormon,A Watchtower Witness,A Wierville Wayist,Or some other American heretic,Come, rather, to the Triune One.(Don’t “dis” the Father, Spirit or Son.)Said don’t dis the triune Maker;If not your Savior, He’s your Baker!Abandon foolish heresy;Come out of your dark misery.There is light and life in the Truth:Whether you’re old or in your youth.Come […]

Which Jesus?

So . . . which Jesus? The “Jesus” of Joseph Smith? The “Jesus” of Wierville?The “Jesus” of Muhammad?(Lots of false christs out there!)The Jesus of the Bible is God:The Second Person of the Trinity,Sharing divinity with the Spirit and Father.Get it straight before Judgment Day;By no means a small matter.Don’t disrespect the Savior:A king is […]

A People “Under God”!

The nation belongs “under God.” So when it is obscured by the fog And its glory is sullied and paled, Its righteous ones scorned and jailed, Ours is to call it back to its origin: A people “indivisible” and “under God”!Maintain the truth for the next generation;You have children inheriting your nation.What will it be […]


Get right with the Trinity! So, who says there is no God? Why, it’s the fool!And who denies that Jesus is Christ?Why, it is the anti-Christ!So, which is worse?Let’s see here.  There are jerksOut there with warped imagination,And there are those who know betterAnd reject that Jesus is the One;(All about having “fun”).But there is […]

Church Unity?

Where is the unity of the churches well displayed? Where but at the “crisis pregnancy centers” throughout the country?  Those places which aid women who are carrying an unwanted or inconvenient child in the womb. When the real issues of truth and justice appear, the Churches of God – of all denominations – are in […]

Who is True? (For Our Errant Friends)

Who is the True One But the Father, Spirit, and Son? Are you a Wierville Wayist A regular selfish sadist? A Watchtower Jehovah’s Witness? A practitioner of some physical fitness? A Smith-duped Mormon?Bow down to the True One!Forget the fools who droolOver pleasure and the swimming pool.Pursue justice!  Make things right.Serve others with all your […]

Yes. The Triune One.

A Reflection on Honoring God (the Father, Son, and Spirit) Imagine standing up before a general who enters a room, coming to attention and swiftly delivering a sharp salute, saying to him “Congratulations, Colonel!” All the formal, respectful display of honor and respect would have been wasted, indeed, turned into insult, rather than respectful acknowledgment! […]

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