Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Ecclesiastical Matters


Save yourself, US!  Keep Democrats Out of Office!  They are advocates for the murder of innocents; they are a traitors to the unborn of humanity;  they are traitors to the nation. No Democrat is fit to rule.  So just say no!  It is a moral matter and, therefore, ought to be preached from every legitimate […]

COVID and Assembly Forsaking

Give up that holy kiss; COVID rules, don’t ya know! The Church got to go on hold; Those gates of hell must prevail! The will of the virus be done; Forget the words of the Son!Hallowed be the name of the CDC; On the Word of God we’ll pee! 0915 on 25 April, 2022

Keeping that Tithe in Perspective

Imagine a preacher in the ante-bellum South exhorting his congregation on their duty to tithe.  “Now, I know y’all got slaves that you need to care for and they have those special needs that you want to meet and maybe at Christmas time you like to spend a little more on ’em.  But you can’t […]

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