Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

February, 2023

For “Vaping”?

Kicked off the wrestling team for “vaping”? Yeah, not raping . . .  V-A-P-I-N-G!  Pretty dog-gone harsh and down-right cruel to us spectators.   Why should we fans be punished for such a simple “offense”? Not to mention screwing over a kid’s wrestling scholarship opportunities. Any discipline for students who blaspheme or disrespect teachers in class? […]

Februation, Gone!

O that month of februation, Pagan sacrifice to appease Those demons demanding lives Offering nothing but words in return. The fear of death grips soul and mind And drives men to work and grind But that was the way of the past. And today we are free from worry Anxiety and fear we did bury […]

A Dad Regrets His Snipping

A dad had a few kids And said he had enough. Got himself “snipped”; Thought he was done. Tried to  make life easy and fun; Didn’t want to risk another child; Wanted to put life in the mild Mode and keep any extras at bay So to enjoy that easier day Without those little imps […]

A Curse Upon Butcherers of Babies

The slave-traders of old are like The drug dealers of today; They trade in human misery To make themselves a buck, And for other human beings They give not a shrug. And yet below dealers in drugs And slave-traders, there are worse! On the thugs who butcher babies, We need a good, powerful curse! 0832 […]

We Americans Submit to Tyrants

(We Do Not Freely Follow God Nor Our Consciences) Should a Christian nation submit to the “opinions” of renegade “justices” who issue decrees which nullify its laws and justice? Decrees which advance wickedness and murder? Why ought the people submit to a decree which makes baby-murder a “legal” and protected act? How sick is a […]

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