Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

July, 2021

Capitol “Riots” May Well Be Justified

Why is NR so defensive about he “Capitol Riots”? https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/07/january-6-was-not-a-coup/ When you have Godless, Nazi-like, Pro-aborts in power, such a drastic situation calls for drastic action, the least of which is a “capitol riot”!   Revolution is well justified in response to the Nazi-like tyranny of a SCOTUS which has decreed the evil of child-slaughter (a.k.a. […]

Card Game Fallout

Well, she scrapped her scrubs And we sat down And played a game o’ cards. Well, it was hard! I was beatin’ her pants right off; O man, I had to scoff! ‘Twas a sho-nuf slaughter An’ I was a boastin’ louder Than ever I had before (Almost threw me out the door!) Well, I […]

Masked Folk in Need of the Gospel!

Just finished a walk around my town.  It’s a thing I do once, sometimes twice, a day.  We live in downtown Wilmington, Ohio, just a few blocks from the major buildings: the Catholic Church and the city haul.  It is 27 July, hot out, and folks are backing off from the masking.  Businesses are dropping […]

Heathen Morality

Like a couple of slugs Moving along the sidewalk “I’m, feelin’ it for you! You’re feelin’ it for me! Let’s suck on each other!” They slide along leaving a line Their scum on the sidewalk behind On walls and your cars A trace of their hook-ups Is left in the world. So boys and girls […]

Keep His Law in Sight

Well, the woman had a really fine butt; She could shake it, wiggle, and strut. But finally would come a day When she’d have to put it away. Wasn’t something the Lord would see; There are loftier matters, indeed; Things of the soul, like sin That wickedness deep within. Got to look for things above; […]

Over the Brook Kidron

(2 Sam 15:20f.) They passed over the brook Kidron, David and all his men. ‘Twas a wrenching of the heart, indeed, But necessary to be freed From the war brought by Absalom; Had to head toward pagans and slums. It was bye-bye to Ittai, the Gittite, But that man wanted to do right. Said, “Wherever […]

Drove Poor Amnon Quite Mad

(2 Sam 15-17) Tamar was a real hot thing, Drove poor Amnon quite mad. Had to have that body now, Couldn’t wait no way, no how! Had to have his way with her And brought down all kinds of trouble. Yeah, the problems in his life did double! Revenge was brought down by Absalom Had […]

Biden, Holiness, and Church Membership

Sorry, brethren, but I am puzzled, disheveled, disgusted, perturbed, disappointed, and pissed-off at the ongoing toleration by the Roman Catholic Church of Joe Biden on its membership roll.   How has this disgusting, Holocaustian, pervert (!) remained on the membership roles of the “Holy” Catholic Church? What does this policy do for those of us “Protestants” […]

The Six Ts

Turn on the Light Turn back to God Twist lies out of the education Terrorize the Godless Terminate abortionists Torment terrorists

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