Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Church and Politics

The churches of God have always had a role influencing politics – whether by the blood of their own spent by a persecuting state which then awakens to the guilt of its actions or by it own guidance of the state when it has acquired power. 

And what is the church to do with its heretics when they come to power? 

Consider the cases of Nancy Palosi and Joe Biden.  Both claim to be “devout Catholics”! 

And what has been the response to this blasphemy (their ascendancy under the apparent approval by church authorities)?  Any rebuke from the respective priests in charge of either of these two?  Any DISCIPLINE?

Or are they left as examples for the millions of Roman Catholic sheep out here looking for good Catholics Christians to emulate?

One wonders at the fall out of this folly for generations to come.  What kind of membership will be tolerated for the many Hitlerian characters who may arise?  What cover and justification will they find from the toleration of these blasphemers by the “Holy” Church?

This enduring crime of toleration of such holocaustian heretics is nothing but disgustingly nauseating. 

It arouses he sentiments which must have arisen in the time of the Reformation when grave errors were perpetrated by the Roman Church and rejected by the faithful. 

Well, as the Fathers said long ago, the church is semper reformanda et semper reformata.  And does it need it! 

Begin the reformation by excommunicating the heretics!

Got pro-aborts in your congregation?  Kick them out!

Then, there is peace with Him, harmony among brethren, and salvation for those ex-communicants who repent and get saved!

22 July, 2021

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